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12 reasons orgasms are good for you

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From our faces, our bodies and minds, we are all different to each other. But one thing’s for sure: we all love to orgasm. Whether it’s from sex, tantric massage sessions or masturbation, they feel pretty darn good and there’s evidence to suggest orgasms can actually improve your health – who says that we can’t enjoy what’s good for us?

1. Orgasms reduce stress, and anxiety and lower blood pressure – Like an all-in-one remedy

A study conducted by Carol Rinkleib Ellison in 2000 found that 39 per cent of women masturbated in order to relax. This is because orgasms relieve tension, due to their ‘releasing’ nature and the hormone oxytocin is released into the bloodstream. Oxytocin is responsible for producing feelings of warmth and relaxation, which helps to reduce stress and blood pressure.

Also, a study carried out by scientists at Groningen University in Holland discovered that the amygdala, the area of the brain that’s associated with fear and anxiety, experiences little to no activity when women have an orgasm. Well, your mind is pretty busy!

2. Orgasms give you great skin

In 2011, Lady Gaga told Elle Magazine that orgasms were her secret to flawless skin. And she wasn’t joking – dermatologists have agreed, saying that orgasms increase blood flow to the skin, opening up blood vessels and giving you that flushed, post-coital glow. But wait, there’s more. In the lead up to orgasm, your body releases DHEA, the steroid hormone that’s sold in supplements, and sex releases human growth hormone, which helps to keep the skin more elastic and youthful looking.

3. Orgasms can reduce the chances of you or your partner cheating

When you orgasm, high amounts of oxytocin, also commonly known as the love drug, is released. Oxytocin is responsible for that ‘lovey-dovey’ feeling you experience after sex and facilitates love, trust and bonding. There’s scientific evidence is support this too! In 2012, researchers in Germany gave oxytocin to men and introduced them an attractive woman. The men who were in relationships distanced themselves from the woman as opposed to the ones who were single, so the scientists theorised that oxytocin causes people to hold on more tightly to bonds they have with their partners. Amazing!

4. Orgasms can help you sleep

Ellison conducted another study and found that 32 per cent of US women masturbated to help them sleep. Why? Well, orgasms release prolactin and oxytocin, hormones that have calming, relaxing effects on the body, which are great in preparing you for sleep. So would you rather pop sleeping pills and count sheep or have a mind-blowing orgasm? We know which one we’d rather have and funnily enough we know a few people who can help you with this…wink…wink… Stop insomnia in its tracks.

5. Orgasms improve focus and concentration

Orgasms do more than just make you happy and feel good! By fixing your attention on achieving a single goal (in this case, an orgasm), you can significantly improve your focus, concentration and attention span. So if your partner evber tells you that you lack focus you know have the perfect excuse for a bit of hanky panky!

6. Orgasms are better than anti-depressant drugs

During orgasm, a cocktail of endorphins is released into the bloodstream, including serotonin, which is a key ingredient in anti-depressant drugs. The endorphins, which are the body’s natural opiates, also help to calm and de-stress you so don’t reach for your pills, pick up the phone and get happy with the best tantric massage north london therapists.

7. Orgasms help alleviate pain

There’s evidence to suggest orgasms help reduce pain – from migraines and period pains to pain from arthritis and even childbirth. This is due to the release of oxytocin and endorphins.

8. Orgasms strengthen your immune system

A study ( found that sexual arousal and orgasms increased the number of leukocytes, the ‘killer’ white blood cell that circulates our bodies, searching for foreign substances to counteract. So good news, guys: an orgasm will help you get over that nasty bout of man flu much quicker!

9. Orgasms are wildly thrilling

Orgasms light up the pleasure centre in the brain and release dopamine, the feel-good hormone, into the bloodstream. Dr David Linden, New York neurologist and bestselling author, told the Daily Mail that sex is just as addictive as alcohol, drugs and gambling – they all light up the same pleasure centre. ( Tantric massage specialists are masters at drawing this process out and drip feeding your brain the right amount of feel good hormones to keep you lit up for as long as possible!

10. Orgasms make you live longer

In 1997, researchers in Wales studied the link between orgasms and mortality. They looked at the sexual frequency of men aged 45-59, evaluating those who died from coronary heart disease, and found twice as many men died when they had orgasms once a month, as opposed to those who had two or more orgasms a week. An Israeli study also found women who died of heart disease had fewer orgasms. The conclusion? Orgasms seem to have an effect on heart condition.

11. Orgasms make you smarter

Orgasms get your heart racing and blood flowing, even to your brain. When you climax, blood flow increases and sends nutrients and oxygen to your brain, which stimulates brain activity. Leading to new ideas and creative thinking.

12. Orgasms just make you feel good

Because of all the endorphins and feel-good hormones that are released when you orgasm, you’re left feeling satisfied and content. People who have regular orgasms tend to feel better about themselves on a daily basis. So never stop having orgasms!

So, there you have it,  12 reasons why we should all be having more fun and getting our “rocks off” on a regular basis so if you’re ever in London you should give us a call and let our tantric masseuses show you just how much fun you can have.

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