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Why A Lingam Massage Can Improve Your Sex Life

It’s slow, it’s thrilling and guys, it’s all about you. A lingam massage is an erotic massage designed specifically for male pleasure. It involves slow, sensual massage of the lingam, known in layman’s terms as the penis, which is not only pleasurable, but it’s intensely relaxing – near enough therapeutic, in fact.
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What is Lingam Massage

Sex has its conventions. The gentleman, we are told, always starts off by engaging in gentle foreplay with soft and sensual touches. His spouse is to lay back and absorb the slow and gracious energy that comes her way. It is foreplay for the woman to engage with her man but as you can intuit, this is not conventional foreplay that is merely designed to ‘wet’ the sexual appetite. For the man, he has to be gentle with his lover and be patient.
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Benefits of Lingam Massage

There are certain massages that completely go against all conventions, all norms and expectations. Without doubt, this is one of them as it promises to change all your conceptions of what a relationship is, what your spouse is expected to do and the very nature of foreplay itself.
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