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Open today 28th May 2024 from 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM.

Why choose a full body erotic massage? Erotic massages are designed from the ground up to be exciting yet one of the most pleasurable massage techniques that you can get from the world of adult massages and takes it on par with other massage techniques such as Tantric massage.

This full body massage will have your whole body ready to reach climax with various strokes all over your naked body which includes your intimate areas and helps release stress from both your mind and body and invokes your inner sexual energy. And your naked Asian massage therapist will know exactly which area to massage to make that happen.

Is there any massage oil involved?

Yes! Only if you wish to have massage oil while erotic massage is better with oil we know that not everyone enjoys it. But this can really enhance your session please let the masseuse know if this is not the case for you.

The good part about an outcall session is that you can shower afterwards! And remove any massage oil.

Each erotic massage is performed nude (completely naked) and allows the physical boundaries to slip away to create an unforgettable experience. Time and time again.

Finding your perfect erotic masseuse with us

We have one of the best galleries in London with some of the hottest and best massage therapists ready to make your dreams a reality and to give you the perfect massage session and massage services. With the masseuses on this site, you are getting more than just a massage!

Each masseuse on this site only offers an adult massage service and not professional traditional massages. And these include either a happy ending or full service.

The power of the hotel erotic massage in London

Did you know that outcall is the most popular way to experience the thrills and excitement of adult massages due to the way it is performed? There is nothing better in life!

If you wish to view more about the masseuses on this site simply click on their picture to view their full profile. And always book early to avoid the disappointment of not booking with the masseuse you crave. All of the masseuses speak English and are well-experienced in helping you feeling fully relaxed and ready for anything tonight in Central London!

Your masseuse will arrive at your hotel room usually within just an hour depending on your location in London. We service all major hotels and even a private residence if you are located there. To avoid disappointment we recommend you book early on the day of your booking at a time that suits you.

Is an erotic massage just a traditional massage?

Nope! Due to what people might think an Erotic massage is not even similar to an erotic massage while they do offer benefits such as as healing, helping with muscles and helo you to relax traditional massages offer no benefits in a sensual or sexual way and are not fully naked. This is great if you need a professional massage and a fantastic way to help with any problems that you have with your body such as sore muscles or relaxation issues etc but provides no sexual benefits.

What can erotic massage help with?

Aches pain and tension? Built up sexual frustration? Stress and self-esteem problems? Erotic massage can help with all of this. An adult massage is just so much much than a quick rub down and sexual services it opens your body and minds up to something really exciting.

Erotic Massage vs other massage styles that we offer

Sensual massage vs Erotic massage

There are a lot of similarities and a lot of differences between both these massages. Both are full body massages and go perfectly with either a happy ending or full service and both are truly are an intimate massage.

A full body sensual massage is generally a slower massage style and even the very best sensual massage you can get in London is right here. Whichever you pick you are always guaranteed a good time. Have a read of our sensual massages guide for more information.

Erotic massages vs Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a super popular massage style. And is always done the way it should be which is the authentic way that is becoming more and more popular. A Tantric massage just like an erotic massage is a full body massage experience that gives you pleasure and satisfaction from head to toe. A Tantric massages experience is one you will always remember and usually gives just that little bit more pleasure than an erotic massage.

With either a Tantric experience or an Erotic experience both massage types are perfect for new and regular clients alike. And both are always a good starting point.

Nuru/Soapy massage vs Erotic massage

Nuru massage and soapy massage are completely different experiences due to the special gel that Nuru uses a special Nuru gel that is carefully created to the authentic standards that have been used in Japan for centuries.

What exactly makes this massage a VIP experience is the massage gel itself it creates the perfect environment for adult massage therapy creating a non-mess or sticky ‘slip-and-slide’ adventure where your naked perfect bodied masseuse will slide up and down your naked body touching and playing with every part of you.

Prostate massage vs erotic massages

Prostate massages don’t really compare to Erotic massages as they are completely different and different types of sensual pleasure. And a prostate massages are perfect with happy endings and can even go nicely with full service!

Prostate massages you can read more about it with our in-depth Prostate massage London guide. Prostate massages are usually partaken by our more experienced clients but anyone can try them. It involves the masseuse placing a lubricated finger in your bottom and massaging your prostate gland which opens you up to untold pleasures and is defiantly way more exciting than an erotic massage if you can get past the taboo!

You can find out more about massage type on our website this could include things like naturist massage, Lingam massage, Body to Body massage and much more!

Making your dream outcall erotic massage in London Booking with us

Making a book with us is a simple and well-versed experience you simply call our super friendly and helpful reception team and they can book you in. We only accept bookings on the day the massage is to take place. We are open between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3 AM.

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