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Open today 28th May 2024 from 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM.

Searching for the best Tantric massage in Pimlico service? We only offer an authentic experience that is designed to excite your whole body from head to toe. With a truly beautiful masseuse.

Our beautiful Pimlico area masseuses

Did you know we work only with the sexiest and most exclusive Chinese, Japanese and Korean ladies? That’s right you won’t find these beautiful ladies on any other sites around the internet. All ready to give you the perfect Asian massage or tantric massage of your dreams that you crave and desire. See the girls below to make your choice and feel free to click through to see their profiles and more than just one picture on this website. They waiting to visit you today.

The perfect Tantric massage in Pimlico

Did you know that we offer an authentic massage service along with either a happy ending or full service? Go from the naughty to the relaxing with a stroke of a hand and leave the stress at home and promote full body healing.

What does a Tantric massage aim to perform?

Being a full body massage it engrossed your whole body from head to toe. And both you and the Tantric masseuse that you choose will be fully naked during the session which adds to the suspense. And allows for intimate touching all over your naked body!

A tantric massage should be more than a sexual service it should be a journey! It should both be a relaxing massage and a sexy session and something you just won’t find with a therapeutic massage.

We use the same techniques as the decades-old tradition and it makes for some super fun sessions!

Is it the same as a Traditional therapeutic massage?

A traditional massage doesn’t usually involve nakedness or intimate touching or sexual services during your session. But at Hotel Massage we do things a little differently!

By traditional massages we mean massages such as Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, sports massage etc. Massages you might find in a spa or massage salon.

We love to give our clients the full package. And this includes sexual services so you must be male and over the age of 18 to use our services. Although we do offer a couples massage you will need to speak to the reception team about this.

There are still many benefits to an adult massage as you might find with a traditional massage. Including stress relief, improved blood circulation, and help with aches and pains in your legs, neck, back and all your body. Perfect for after a long day.

The sexiest hotel massage session in Pimlico and Central London

We love to give our clients an outcall session in the Central London area and this can be any hotel in this area. And your masseuse can be with you within an hour of our working hours of 10:00 AM to 03:00 AM. This is depending on traffic and your location though.

The best massage is always an outcall session. You can forget about travelling to our massage parlour and enjoy discreet professional service where you can relax and await the hottest of masseuses arriving at your door for the Tantric massage of a lifetime with plenty of time to indulge in a bath or shower beforehand. With a big comfy bed and fresh towels you can really prepare for the session of a lifetime once them super soft hands caress your body. And give you the perfect Tantric Massage Pimlico experience.

Popular areas apart from Pimlico for outcall include the likes of Bond street, Chelsea, Marylebone, Westminster, Oxford Street, Soho and much more. Simply call our reception team with your locations and we can get you booked for the hottest of appointments.

We do offer incall in Marylebone so please get in touch if that is something you would like to book. Please speak to our reception team.

Booking with an agency

Instead of booking with an independent massage therapist why not book with a massage agency like us to take all the stress out of booking your appointment? We can get you booked in answer any questions and get the masseuse to you in record time anywhere in Central London. All are part of the Hotel Massage package.

Other massages you can get instead of a Tantric Massage

You don’t need to just indulge in a Tantric massage. We offer plenty of other massage services too. From the pleasurable to the relaxing all from a stroke of a hand. Let’s find out more about them and how they compare to a Tantric massage.

The Japanese nuru massage

A Nuru massage is a full body massage just like a Tantric massage! But with the added dimension of the best massage gel ever invented. This ancient Japanese gel is made from Nori and holds some amazing properties. Including creating a slip-and-slide experience that is unmatched by no other massage experience.

The perfect Japanese masseuse can accompany you on your massage journey day or night at your hotel. And the nuru gel is provided for the session. But don’t worry the nuru gel leaves no residue or mess behind! If you are looking for something a bit different a Nuru massage is defiantly one to think about.

The powerful Erotic massage

An Erotic massage is a perfect entry to our world of adult massages. A full body massage that helps you forget all your stresses and worries so you can focus on the beautiful masseuse’s body. And all the pleasure you will be receiving from either your happy ending or full service!

The pleasurable Prostate Massage

Did you know as strange as it might seem to have a masseuse stick fingers up your bottom but hear us out! This gives way to untold pleasures that you will never have experienced before. A prostate massage is designed to not only give you pleasure but can also give you health benefits too.

What makes a prostate massage so exciting?

By the masseuse placing her fingers in your bottom. It is exposing your raw nerve endings and your male g spot. This is such intense pleasure you won’t be able to keep and add in a happy ending during the session then this would just blow your mind. If you can past the taboo why not open some of the extreme pleasure you process right in your body.

Body to Body massage

A body to body massage is an exciting full-body massage experience that your whole body can feel! And one of the most requested massages we offer in Pimlico today. A b2b massage can take all of life’s stresses away and really let your body and mind relax and is perfect with either a happy ending or full service!

Lingam Massage

A lingam massage is dedicated all to one thing and that is your penis! This is a massage where nothing is off-limits. And is not a full-body massage! But it allows the masseuse to focus all around your genitals for the hottest massage that money can buy in London and the perfect happy ending feel-good massage! With all the pleasure and relaxation you crave.

Making a booking with us in Pimlico

Our booking process is super simple and you can make an appointment only the day you want to book. If you are booking a hotel massage with us we need the room number and name of the hotel you are staying at as well as the location. Our friendly reception team makes bookings when we are open between the hours of 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM each and every day including weekends and bank holidays. Time to book your treat and the perfect massage London has to offer. Contact us by phone now.

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