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Benefits of Tantric Massage

‘Tantra’ is that mystical word that few understand and even fewer have experienced. It is the attempt to be part of the cosmic breath that surrounds us and the goal is to experience the divine energy, the unison with divine power that one aims to achieve. And this is the entire philosophy of the tantric massage. Tantric massage is the essence of sexual spirituality.
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Why is Sex Good For You

There are many ancient texts that speak of the heavenly sentiments associated with the most integral part of human life. The ancient Indians produced one of the most popular and refined text called the Kama Sutra which speaks of all the qualities a man and woman must have in order to give sex its rightful justice. The Chinese to this day proudly speak of their sophisticated Taoist sexology manuals that aim to prolong the man’s performance by eliminating the need to ejaculate and ultimately, to bring the woman to climax.
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What Is Incall Massage

Everybody has some stiffness in the neck or back pains, possibly frozen shoulder, maybe tennis elbow, perhaps a sports injury. The bodily problems can go on and on but fret not; there is something you can do about it! We all go to a hair salon to get our cut, shave, dye or general grooming so we can walk out feeling a little bit more refreshed and reinvented.
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