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12 reasons orgasms are good for you

From our faces, our bodies and minds, we are all different to each other. But one thing’s for sure: we all love to orgasm. Whether it’s from sex, tantric massage sessions or masturbation, they feel pretty darn good and there’s evidence to suggest orgasms can actually improve your health - who says that we can’t enjoy what’s good for us?
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5 Ways to Find a Genuine Tantric Massage

There is often a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to ‘tantric massage’. Many people associate this to massages with ‘happy endings’, because there are a lot of places out there that pass off such massages as tantric massages, so it’s not surprising erotic massages hold a somewhat dodgy stigma.
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Benefits of Tantric Massage

‘Tantra’ is that mystical word that few understand and even fewer have experienced. It is the attempt to be part of the cosmic breath that surrounds us and the goal is to experience the divine energy, the unison with divine power that one aims to achieve. And this is the entire philosophy of the tantric massage. Tantric massage is the essence of sexual spirituality.
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