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6 Tips for giving a Nuru Massage on Valentine’s Day

6 Top Tips for giving your partner a Nuru Massage this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day here, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend the day with your significant other. Maybe a nice meal at a restaurant, or a quick bite and a movie? Been there, done that. Here’s a proposition for you: how about trying something a little naughty this year? A Nuru Massage is an erotic massage, meaning the big finale is usually a ‘happy ending’. Nevertheless, there’s a great deal more to Nuru than most people realise.  If practiced appropriately, a Nuru Massage can improve your sex life, relationship and self-esteem, as well as proving to be incredibly relaxing and regenerative. Want to hear the best part? You can experience this in the comfort of your own home.  But if this does tickle your fancy, there’s a few things you need to know before you dive into the deep end.  Nuru Massages require a great deal of preparation and dedication, so if you you’re looking to give your partner a quick shoulder rub, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Nuru Massages are incredibly powerful experiences and require commitment. So if you’re up for the challenge, here’s what you need to do

Have dinner together first

To give or receive a Nuru Massage is to expose yourself completely, which might seem quite daunting at first. Although you’ll be enjoying this experience with your significant other, it doesn’t necessarily make it any less overwhelming. For most couples, mental preparation is absolutely necessary if you want to experience Nuru to its full potential. The key is to relax and feel comfortable with your partner before you get down to the nitty gritty. Try sitting down and eating a meal together first. This gives you the chance to talk, laugh and connect with your partner mentally. Maybe try dimming the lights and opening a bottle of wine too. A Nuru Massage should not be rushed, so neither should the preparation. If you start to feel a little nervous or apprehensive, remind yourself that you’re in the comfort of your own home with your partner, and can stop it at any point. Sharing a meal together will allow you and your partner to unwind and relax, so we definitely recommend you give it a go

2. Set the mood

Like any message, setting the mood is pretty important. The main thing to remember is that Nuru Massages are erotic and cleansing, so your setting needs to reflect that if you want to capture the mood. Start by choosing a room. The obvious go-to is the bedroom, but if you’d rather do it on a floor, make sure you choose a room with plenty of floor space. Once you’ve made your decision, cover your bed or floor with the Nuru Massage sheet and make sure there’s no furniture obstructing you. You don’t want to bang your head off a leg chair when you’re in the heat of the moment now, do you? Now to the important part. Dim the lights, light some candles and set off an incense stick. Your room should be a harbour of tranquillity and sensuality to reflect the essence of the massage. Start playing some relaxing music quietly in the background, and make sure the room is warm. A Nuru Massage is the perfect recipe for passion, so make sure you’ve pre-heated the oven properly first.

3. Take a shower together

If you’re actually unsure of what a Nuru Massage entails, I’ll give you a hint – the clue is in the name. The term Nuru means, ‘slippery’ and ‘smooth’ and was derived from the ancient Japanese art of Nuru. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this… The main component of a Nuru Massage is the motion of sliding across your partner’s oily, naked body with your own. Now, aside from being incredibly erotic, this movement is extremely intimate and will bring you closer to your partner then you’ve ever been before. For starters, Nuru Massages work better with damp skin, so showers are encouraged for this reason. Secondly, warm or hot water relaxes the muscles and prepares you and your body for the massage ahead. Aside from the physical benefits, its gives you the opportunity to reacquaint yourselves with each other’s bodies. Maybe you’re a little body conscious and the thought of being naked scares you? Showering together first will give you the time to adjust and start to feel at ease with your partner. This part of the massage should be sensual, not sexual, so try and avoid getting carried away.  Nuru is about the journey, so be patient and reap the benefits.

4. Prepare the Nuru Gel

Nuru Massage gel is made from seaweed based formulas and comes in various extracts. This odourless, tasteless and thick gel is an essential element of a Nuru Massage because without it, sliding across your partner would be difficult and awkward. Unlike some gels, Nuru Massage gel is colourless and does not stain, although we still recommend using your protective Nuru sheet to avoid wet patches across your bed. Start by placing your tube of Nuru gel into a sink or bowl of warm water, and leave it there while you take a shower with your partner. If you’re getting warmed up, so should your gel. If you’re using the concentrate, you can either use if directly from the bottle or can mix it with one part gel and one part warm water, but this is generally used my couples who regularly practice Nuru. This will make it easier to apply, and will warm the gel so that application on the skin isn’t as harsh. Ask your partner to lie on their stomach and begin to drizzle the gel across them, and then proceed to cover yourself in the oil too. This will create the desired slippery surface for you to glide across. Not only is the gel easy to wash off, but it’s also great for your skin!  The moisturising components within the gel will leave your skin feeling smooth and regenerated, so there’s no need to fret if you’re conscious of any reactions!

5. Massage techniques

Clearly, Nuru Massages are a little more intimate, so rubbing your partners shoulders for an hour kind of defeats the point.  This style is known as a ‘full body’ massage, and when we say full body, we mean, full body. Every inch of your partner’s body should be touched, caressed and massaged, meaning no part should be left untouched. Start by using your hands to explore their body and spread the gel. Move a little closer and use your forearms along your partner’s muscles and then proceed to sliding your skin against theirs. Once you’re comfortable, mount your partner, and adjust your position to make sure there’s plenty of body-on-body contact. First time round might be a little difficult, so take your time and make sure you and you partner are comfortable.  Lightly grip your partner with your legs, and grind your pelvis and buttocks up against them. You can do this face-to-face or if you’re a little shy, in reverse. Once you get the hang of it, get your partner to flip over onto their back and slide your entire body along them. A good method to follow is soft tissue on hard bone, and hard bone on soft tissue which will maximise sensitivity and will also iron out any points of tension.  For example, use your forearms (hard bone) to message your partners butt (soft tissue) for increased pleasure. Of course, feel free to experiment and explore different techniques yourself, but just make sure the session remains sensual, slow and relaxing.

6. Just let go

One of the most common stereotypes surrounding Nuru Massages is that they are entirely sexual. But like most erotic style massages, the Nuru can be mentally and emotionally cleansing if practiced correctly. The key to unlocking your inner spirituality is by ‘letting go’. Sounds easy right? You couldn’t be more wrong. Properly letting go means opening up your mind and allowing negative feelings, emotions and memories to leave your body.  Spiritual awareness, also known as Mindfulness can transform your Nuru experience from good to life changing. Letting go means forgetting about your insecurities, overcoming fears and releasing negative energy. For couples, a Nuru massage is a great way to let go of past demons that are getting in the way of a new relationship. Exposing yourself both physically and mentally can help re-kindle the spark which might have dwindled over time. Or maybe you’ve been able to connect mentally with someone but haven’t found your sexual rhythm yet? The spiritual benefits of a Nuru Massage are endless, but in order to properly benefit from them, a clear mind is essential. If you go into a massage with a premeditated idea of what to expect then you’re not opening up your mind. My top tip for you is to completely evade expectation. Don’t think about it, don’t worry about it, just do it, because the outcomes can be life changing.

There you have it, your guide to Nuru Massages. If you want to have the experience of a life time, don’t forget to read the manual!

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