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Benefits of Tantric Massage

Have you thought about how you could benefit from tantric massage? But what are the benefits?

what massage gives the best intimate experience

‘Tantra’ is that mystical word that few understand and even fewer have experienced in the Western world. It is the attempt to be part of the cosmic breath that surrounds us and the goal is to experience the divine energy, the unison with divine power that one aims to achieve. And this is the entire philosophy of the tantric massage. In a fun and discreet environment that will keep you hooked forever!
Tantric massage is the essence of sexual spirituality.

Unashamed sensual practices that are intrinsic to ancient Hindu teachings convey the powerful idea that a taste of heaven can be felt by the most satisfying of human relations – the sexual touch. Westerners are still struggling to grasp this idea; ancient Easterners considered this to be sacred. For the most avid of tantric sexual practitioners, the notion that the slow and considered massage was a journey to new spiritual heights by means of allowing the sexual desires to unveil themselves in a way that is productive for human growth. As sexual energy heightens, the great mysticism of spirituality exhibits its hidden power and if experienced well, the final climax results in a tantric spraying of internal energy that reminds one of the bliss of a heavenly state.

This philosophy has great importance in Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism and although it has been widely practised in the East for thousands of years, it is only recently, that the Western world has come to acknowledge its benefits over time. With increasingly busy and stressful lives, limited leisurely time and even less time to just relax and unwind, there has been a recent boom in sexual problems between couples. Everything ranging from erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation and limited staying power, sex is suffering at an alarming rate to the extent that the bedroom department becomes so mundane, that the ‘X’ in sex can be completely omitted!
So, below are 5 benefits to a tantric massage that can help rebuild one’s sex life.

Re-discover the excitement and adrenaline of sex from a whole new perspective

Unfortunately, the common understanding of sex rests on the premise that there must be foreplay penetration and orgasm. Although this is universally true, tantric massage focuses on arousing the most sensual part of the body – the skin! Exploring each other’s bodies is a great way of ‘going back to basics’ whilst re-familiarising oneself with the delicacies of touch. It’s a great way to warm-up before the session!

A stronger bond between both of you or you and the masseuse

The nature of the tantric massage is that it is contemplative, thoughtful and deliberate. Every stroke, rub and touch rebuilds the emotional connection that all couples have. Occasionally, this can falter but for a relationship to remain bonded quality time together is imperative and the tantric massage does just that. Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner you can book an expert with us!

Opens up communication

Our current technological age means that we are well versed in sending text messages, emails and Snapchat or Instagram but human-to-human interaction is sadly lacking. It is said that a satisfying sex life requires open and direct communication and the tantric massage directs one to communicate what one desires in terms of touch and strokes. Such a simple factor can work wonders! So try going technology-free for a night and feel a real difference in your connection.

A great form of foreplay

Grab the oil, scented candles and gentle music and start the first part of sex – the foreplay. Relax the shoulders and the back then move onto the breasts, hips and vagina. When the signs are there, move on to sex but keep it consistent and have tantric sex for an unforgettable experience!

Confidence in life

One great asset of sex is that it promotes confidence in all walks of life. In order to initiate sex, a certain spark of confidence is required, no doubt but sex pays back the favour but giving back more confidence exponentially. The feeling of satisfying somebody else boosts courage, and assertiveness and harnesses a positive mindset.

So, what is the overall lesson? It is to be conscious of your own sexuality and to know the desire of your partner’s. And that is the magic of tantric massage – that mysticism that will yield powerful results. But tread carefully, it will seriously change your life!

Why don’t you take a look at our tantric page if you are looking for a tantric massage London service or a beautiful Chinese, Japanese or Korean masseuse that you will love to meet.

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