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Different Sensual Massage Techniques

Some sensual massage techniques to try anytime of the day

All that is required is a good 10 minute massage then she’s all yours for ultimate fun!

Consider a great sensual massage to be a form of foreplay. If it is your intention to get your woman into bed then there are a few tips and guidelines that will make you into a sophisticated Casanova, the real Romeo, the majestic masseuse and a skilled lover – remember that women love it when a man knows what he’s doing! First thing is to deal with the pre-requisites, the conditions just to set the mood. Think about the music, lighting, candles, fragrance and oil.

Picking the correct music

The most slow and romantic of music is needed. This can range from slow saxophone to a brilliant violin piece. It’s a case that the music should relax the mind but ultimately penetrate deep into the sexual energy the lies within us. Another advantage with music is that your massage can be done in tandem to the sounds, so it’s a way of having rhythm to the task in hand! So pick a relaxing playlist or just go with the famous Barry White!


What colour immediately springs to your mind when you think about these words? Erotic, sultry, sex, arousal.

Is it red?!

Yes, you say with a cheeky smirk on your face! But that is interesting because the colour red has strong associations with reproduction and sexual activity – probably why a red rose is so wildly romantic!

Now, implement that within the massage and use dim red lighting. Either use a red lamp or cover your existing lamp with a thin red cloth, similar to a shawl and allow the ambience to switch you both into seductive lovers. Did I forget to mention that the heart is red and that represents love?!

If this is not practical then simply use scented candles and sprinkle some red rose petals for extra effect. Just the sight of such a layout sends powerful signals to your spouse. Anticipation of what’s coming next will be enthralling – hopefully you can deliver! Setting the mood will add deeply to the experience from start to finish!

Choosing the best Sensual Massage Oil

Right, oil is a major tool and without this tool, you cannot do this well. First thing is to pick the oil carefully. Anything that has aphrodisiac qualities will be more than fine and enhance the experience. Something like jasmine oil or Lavender oil is the number one choice but if that’s not available then anything like olive oil will do. Make sure that the oil is warm so place the tube in a warm bowl of water and leave for a good 15-20 minutes to let the sensations run wild.

That’s the easy part!

Then it’s a case of delivering an unforgettable experience that has to have the sensuality in a measured dose coupled with a carefully crafted blend of strokes, presses, rubs and kneading techniques. Let us begin with the sensual massage. One of the tricks to the sensual massage is to create anticipation and sexual tension. This means that the sexual organs are teased with brief, light touches designed to excite and entice – this is the nature of sensuality and the art of seduction! For this application to be effective, good working knowledge of the erogenous zones are a must. For example, when massaging the vaginal area, the fingers must not penetrate – instead the palm of the hand should be used to carefully rub and press against the clitoral shaft so to create gentle friction. Remember, this is sensual not erotic! Similarly, when massaging the breasts, don’t pull on the nipples but run them through your fingers.

This is quite an artful that requires experience and intuition so one shouldn’t rush into anything. Keep the fine balance. Your goal is to be sensual not a predatory sexual beast – that comes later!

As for the massage, enjoy it and give her some tender loving care! If you are not with a partner don’t worry we have you covered with our range of beautiful Asian masseuses in the London area.

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