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Erotic massage for stress relief

Stress is a normal part of human life that we all experience from time to time, some of us more affected by it than others. It can often be difficult to find effective ways to release this tension we may feel and ultimately it causes problems for both our mental and physical well-being. However, it has been proven that massage therapy and perhaps erotic massage therapy could play a role in doing so and an effective treatment.  So why not give one a try?

The movement of the masseuse manipulates the body muscles and skin tissue, helping to release any tension or pain you may feel. When this tension is realised we automatically feel light physically and our body becomes less tense. This then brings us into a state of relaxation, which our mind then mirrors, helping us feel, Zen. We all need this escape from time to time to reflect on life and also to give us the energy to pursue the things we want to do. Although doctors may give you the advice of working fewer hours or to avoid tense situations, the reality is that in this fast-paced life it is hard to do. Therefore, for the sake of an hour of your time, an erotic massage can be the perfect solution.

Here are a number of reasons erotic massages are fantastic for stress relief:

  • Stress affects a lot more than just your mind

Years of in-depth research and study have found that stress affects every single part of your body. When you are carrying the weight of a lot of tension and pressure on your mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this tension affects you physically, seeping your muscles and joints as well as bringing you headaches and migraines. However, this is not all – in recent years it has also been linked to extreme neck pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, stomach problems, insomnia and even mood swings. Therefore, an erotic massage a week could really help reduce any of the chances of this happening.


  • An erotic massage is a perfect way to give you high spirit’s

Often when we are experiencing high levels of stress and tension it is only natural that these feelings turn to depression and anxiety. They can be emotionally overbearing, and we are unaware of a positive solution to get rid of these feelings. However, an erotic massage is great in expelling any emotional negativity you have built up. It will help you feel more relaxed, less irritable and help you see a lot clearer than when your mind is clouded with stress. You do not want your stress to affect your mood as this can also affect the people around you and also how you perceive yourself and how others do. An erotic massage will give you that time off to reduce that stress and be a little more you.


  • Erotic massage can build your confidence


Many of us have insecurities about ourselves and our bodies and we often fear that many other people judge us for these, when in fact, we are the only person who does. These insecurities can tear down our confidence and make us feel very uncomfortable with ourselves and how we look. However, an erotic massage entails us being naked with a lot of close body to body interaction with the masseuse, who make us feel great. This helps us to learn to love how we look and break through any negative views or opinions we have on our appearance.


  • Erotic massage teach you to become more intimate

A lot of the time when we take part in sexual interaction it can be very emotionless and meaningless. This lack of passion is a shame as much of our physical pleasure comes from our mental pleasure being catered to a well. An erotic massage teaches us to let our guard down and be intimate with another on much more than a physical level, which ultimately brings you closer together and fulfils you with a more intense, longer lasting orgasm.  You will learn more about your body and how it works, where your sensitive spots are and how to make another person also orgasm.

It is clear that various erotic massage therapies is a fantastic and effective way to relief and tackle stress, both mentally and physically. It is a perfect solution if you do not have much time on your hands and want quick and instant results.

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