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How getting a body to body massage really can improve your immune system

Want to improve your own immune system? Not just healthy eating and exercise does the trick…


  • A case study by men who have experienced the miraculous wonder of the body to body.

It is perhaps not common knowledge that erotic massage is hugely beneficial for your body and mind. Of course, we are all aware of intense gratification that getting a body to body massage delivers. Of course, feeling great can lead your body and mind to feel great but did you know specifically how many ailments body to body massage can combat? No… Well, then you’re in for a treat!  Truly, as you will discover; body to body massage can be more effective than a trip to the Doctor for some things!

Continue scrolling to discover real-life accounts from clients that have happily divulged how body to body massage specifically helped them.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Adrian, 48, Long Term Migraine sufferer.

I’ve been getting migraines since my early twenties. Sometimes they get really bad and I can barely see- it’s like there are curtains over half of my eyes or something.  Normally when this happens I sit in a dark room with my eyes closed until the pain eases. I won’t lie to you, it can be pretty scary. I can feel a migraine coming on a few days before I experience the full hit of it, but in those early days, I can never predict how bad they will be. It’s a constant worry that one day it will be much worse and I don’t what will happen or what I will do. This is quite some stress to carry around with you as you can imagine.

Fortunately, I have found a solution with the body to body massage for them horrible migraines.

A colleague had told me that getting massages always cured his headaches. I mean to tell you the truth I never really thought what he was saying had much fodder. Migraines are a medical dilemma- there’s no cure. Saying that, I took him up on his advice, why not try everything right! So the next time I started to get the warning signals instead of waiting a few days for the killer migraine to strike I went and got a body to body massage. Now you might not believe it to be true but I swear on my mother’s grave, it was as though these bubble of stress or this tightening inside my head eased. Everything felt better. I mean I thought this might just be down to the short term, immediate effects of the massage and I was fairly certain the migraine would still work it’s way back over the next couple of hours. Only guess what? No migraine occurred, seriously! I felt so much relief I even forgot what a migraine felt like.

That was three years ago, I have continually gone for the body to body massages as soon as the early signs of a migraine start and it has effectively prevented me having a full blown attack! Saying that I have had one migraine in the past three years but that one only occurred because I was on holiday and thus away from my local parlour in London. If I had been able to go to my favourite parlour in Marylebone I am certain a migraine wouldn’t have happened.


Ben, 27, anxiety sufferer.

I’ve had anxiety since I was a kid. It stopped me going to places or really getting to know any of the other kids in my class- or at least it prevented me from letting them get to know me. This seriously came to harm me as a young adult, dating didn’t happen and any girl that did show interest I panicked and shooed away. So? No girlfriend, you might think I excelled in work. In a sense I did but in another, my anxiety held me back. I didn’t have the confidence to ask for pay increases or even try to move up the ranks. After working at the same company for three years, my boss ordered me to lead a presentation… I thought I was going to die I felt so terrible.

I had about a week to get myself in order before the big meeting and one of my colleagues suggested I chilled myself out in preparation, took my girl out etc. I explained that I was single and that dating would only stress me out more. That’s when he told me about erotic massage. I mean I’d heard of it before but I had no idea it could be an effective relief for anxiety and stress.

We went together the following day and I had a wonderful, mind-blowing, heart racing, body calming, body to body massage with a beautiful erotic masseuse called Lisa. Afterwards, I felt amazing, I felt like a new man.

I walked into that board room and gave the best presentation of my life- my hands weren’t even shaking. Getting a body to body massage gave me the relief and the release I needed to find my backbone and become the man you see today.     

If either of these stories sounds familiar or if you have experienced the body to body massage and you believe it cured you of a different ailment please feel free to write in and let us know. You might even find yourself appearing in next month’s edition!

Until then,

From your Asian princess

Yuki xxx

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