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I Got A Happy Ending Massage And It Saved My Marriage

How Happy Ending Massages Actually Saved My Marriage

We have been recently asking masseuses customers to give us some honest feedback on the industry and what they think about tantric massage practice and the elusive “happy ending massage” that many people see as a seedy industry. Not surprisingly (to us) there are loads of really positive stories out there.

After a while we got an email from, well lets just call him “Bob” explaining that finding happy endings actually helped to save his rocky marriage….. take a read….

My wife and I have been married for 24 years. We live in London, have three beautiful children, great jobs and have managed to build a comfortable, stable life for our family. Of course we have had some speed bumps along the way, but who hasn’t? I have fallen out of love with her and then dived back into it more times than I can remember, but no matter what, we have always found our way back to one another.

We love each other- unconditionally and irrevocably.  That I don’t doubt. But the last six months have proved to be the biggest test of all. Despite all the fights, the temporary break-ups and the ‘I fu***ng hate you!, sex has never been in short supply. It’s been the burning candle in our relationship, the one constant thing that has kept our love so vibrant and alive. But regrettably, that was not the case a couple of months ago; far from it in fact.

Despite being in a seemingly good place, my wife and I hadn’t had sex in months. As a self-confessed hot blooded male with a vivacious libido, sex 3-4 times a week was a must. And luckily for me, my wife always obliged enthusiastically. However, something changed in me unexpectedly, and I still don’t know to this day what the trigger was. My sex-drive went from 10- non-existent rather drastically, and the thought of making love to my wife became a massive inconvenience for the first time in over two decades. Her voluptuous assets no longer enticed me, her seductive eyes no longer drove me crazy, her sexual prowess no longer seduced me- I no longer felt any attraction at all to the woman I loved and adored whole heartedly.

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t go unnoticed with my wife. Her attempts to arouse me went unnoticed; her vigorous efforts to seduce me were unsuccessful. Her self-esteem began to suffer, and it was all because of me. From then on, arguments started with no resolve. Our children, although adults, were unintentionally caught in the cross fire that had erupted between us, and had to sit back and watch as their indestructible unit crumbled. My wife, drowning in humiliation, became self-conscious for the first time in our relationship and fell into a deep depression. Her fire had burned out, but I was the one starving it of oxygen. My marriage and life was falling apart- something needed to change, quickly.

Like most people these days, I turned to the internet for answers. To my surprise, I was not alone. From forums, to blogs to magazine articles, accounts of men in similar situations filled my screen. The resolution of many was couples therapy- but this just didn’t seem like the right avenue for me and my wife. I hadn’t lost the spark with my wife, nor had I fallen out of love with her- the relationship with myself had broken down, that was the problem.

That’s when I came across a website advertising unfamiliar massage services in central London. I’d experienced traditional massages in the past, but nothing like what this salon was promoting. From Happy Ending, to Nuru, to Tantric to Sensual, these erotic massages seemed at first to be a very niche and taboo practice. ‘They’re just an expensive hand-job’ some people would write, or ‘prostitutes are cheaper’, other would say, but none of these people had actually experienced it for themselves. By reading personal accounts from men, women and couples, I realised that erotic massages were seriously misunderstood and has become clouded by stereotypes. Known as ‘spiritual cleansers’, a healing massage is just what I needed. I needed a mental, spiritual and physical release all rolled into one and this ticked all of the boxes; but there was one problem. I didn’t know whether to tell my wife.

Although many of you will probably disagree, I didn’t, and still don’t see this as cheating. Despite being with one woman for the majority of my life, I have always been sexually satisfied, and I’ve never had an overwhelming urge to sleep with someone else. Getting a Happy Ending Massage London wasn’t a sexual conquest of any sort; it was an attempt to reconnect with myself in a way I felt comfortable with. I contemplated opening up to my wife, but realised it would make her feel completely inferior, when in reality; I was doing this for her. Despite feeling incredibly apprehensive about the whole thing, I knew I had to switch off my reasoning and just jump head first into it, so later that day, I booked in for a Happy Ending massage at a local erotic massage parlour. I took a longer lunch at work and drove to the salon that same week. I drew out £75 on two separate occasions not to arouse suspicion and gave it to my masseuse before the session started. I was nervous, apprehensive, scared and sad that it had come to this, but I needed it to do it- for my wife.

Before it knew it, my massage was over, and I can honestly say that it was the most emotional and powerful experience of my life. Aside from being undeniably and intensely pleasurable, it left me feeling raw with emotion. Unbeknown to me, I had been completely consumed by negative energy but hadn’t realised it till now. Maybe I was scared of growing old, or maybe I was questioning whether I’d done enough with my life, but either way, it had resonated its way into my relationship like a toxic poison.

After the session had concluded, I was left alone by my masseuse, and for good reason. I cried uncontrollably, my entire body shaking with emotion. I did not cry because I was unhappy, I cried in relief. I felt lighter, rejuvenated and free from my emotional prison for the first time in months. Although the massage itself was incredibly intimate, I connected more with myself then I did my masseuse. The ‘happy ending’ was like nothing I had ever felt before; it was most concentrated pleasure I had ever experienced. Aside from the orgasm itself, the release was exactly what I had expected; it was spiritually and mentally cleansing. I felt like me again for the first time in what felt like forever.

I returned to work shortly after with the biggest smile on my face. I counted down the minutes until I could drive home and make love to my beautiful wife. Even now, weeks later, it feels like our marriage is on ecstasy. My wife and I have had sex nearly every night since my massage, and I’ve never felt more in love or drawn to her. Despite feeling some guilt before the session, I now know it’s the best decision I ever made.

My erotic massage was everything it promised to be, and it’s safe to say I got my Happy Ending- it saved my marriage.


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