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Is getting a Happy Ending Massage Cheating?

A couple of weeks ago, we published a blog post about Happy Ending massages which happened to receive a great deal of attention. Men across London have been emailing us with questions surrounding this desirable service, but the same question keeps cropping up: “Is getting a Happy Ending massage classed as cheating?”

Although this ultimately boils down to personal opinion, here’s what we think on the matter:

What’s your motive?

Like most hot blooded males, it’s hard NOT to think with your dick. As men, we are biologically programmed to crave sex regularly, so it’s in our genetic makeup to feel starved when we aren’t getting any. Like most relationship, we all go through the motions when sex is concerned- porn stars one week, celibates the next. It’s normal. But if you’re thinking about getting an erotic massage, you need to ask yourself why. Is it because you’re bored of your relationship and want some one-on-one time with another woman, or is it because you need to let off some steam for the sake of your relationship?

If you’re steering towards the first question, then yes, your partner would probably class this as infidelity, because it’s more about being with another woman than it is yourself. However, if you’re more for the latter, then we do not believe this to be cheating, and here’s why:

Happy ending massage isn’t not just about pleasure

Contrary to belief, Happy Ending massages aren’t just about physical pleasure, they’re about using relaxation techniques to reconnect the mind, body and soul. Erotic masseuses are not prostitutes; they are professionals in the art of Tantra and possess skills unparalleled in terms of teaching relaxation. Although this style of massage does live up to its name, it’s the journey to the Happy Ending which is the real selling point. Whether you suffer from severe stress, depression or anxiety, Happy Ending massages are like medicine for the mind. Experiencing pure, undisturbed relaxation can be extremely cathartic, and is a great way to get rid of negative energies and feelings. Masseuses encourage participants to open up their minds and allow haunting memories to leave the mind; this can induce feelings of freedom and euphoria- the recipe of happiness. Regardless of your mental state. Happy Ending massages are incredibly therapeutic and can be very powerful experiences- they aren’t just about reaching that ‘Happy Ending’.

It can work wonders for your sex life

Naturally, most women would feel unimpressed to learn that their partner had a naughty massage, because they are paying to receive pleasure at the hands of a stranger. Although they are spiritual and are designed around the ancient practice of Tantra, they are still sexual in nature which is why they are regarded as taboo. That being said, getting a Happy Ending massage could be what you need to throw some spice into your relationship.  Like with most erotic massages, learning to slow down and prolong your ‘release’ is the aim of the game. Happy Ending massages are slow, sensual, intense and insanely sexy, but pleasure is gradually intensified for the ultimate build-up. When it comes to long term relationships, it is not uncommon for men to develop issues surrounding premature ejaculation. Feeling pressured to perform in the bedroom is the main cause of this disorder, and it’s often very difficult to overcome without assistance. The techniques used and the lessons learnt during a Massage are reusable, and are not just forgotten after the session has ended. Men are taught how to regulate pleasure, whether that’s prolonging an orgasm or controlling ejaculation. Clearly, these benefits can resonate into your sex life with your partner in many different ways. Perhaps you’ll mirror your experience with your partner and slowly stimulate her until she’s literally shaking in pleasure. Or maybe, for the first time in years, you’ll be able to have wild, erotic sex that lasts more than 5 minutes?
Although you’re the one getting the massage, you’re not the only one who will reap the benefits.

There’s no emotion involved

Very few cultures condone infidelity because having sex with multiple partners at the same time is frowned upon. If your girlfriend had a one night stand with some random bloke after a drunken night out, you’d be seriously pissed to say the least, right? But for a lot of people, it’s forgivable- a stupid, drunken blunder that meant nothing. But how would you feel if you found out that your wife or girlfriend had fallen in love with someone else? Would you go round punching holes in the walls or would you feel totally heartbroken?

Sex is sex, simple as, but when emotions are involved, it’s a completely different kettle of fish- and this is what separates cheating from a Happy Ending massage. Masseuses are experts in their trade, and remain absolutely professional during every single session with every single client. Getting a Happy Ending massage is nothing like having an affair; there’s no back alley prostitute, no romance, no sneaking around- it’s a holistic release. What you also need to remember is that there is no penetration involved in a Happy Ending Massage. Although the masseuse will eventually stimulate the lingam (penis), this is absolutely as far as it will ever go. There will be no cuddling or kissing after the session, no intimate eye contact and no close body-to body contact. There is no affection involved in a Happy Ending massage, period.


It’s important to remember that our opinion isn’t absolute; it is what we have concluded from various customer reviews. Every couple has their own limits, their do’s and don’ts, their fantasies. If you are considering getting a Happy Ending massage, try and imagine how you would feel if your other half got one. If the thought alone sends waves of fury through your body- you have your answer- it’s a no go. Alternatively, if you feel open-minded about the idea, it’s not cheating-it’s merely healthy experimentation. We would always suggest discussing this with your partner first of all because risking their approval is not worth potentially wrecking your relationship.  You never know, she might be more understanding then you realise.
The bottom line is, getting a Happy Ending is only cheating if you make it that way- so the choice is up to you.

Here at Hotel Massage London we offer one of the best happy ending massage services anywhere in London so if you’re in central or greater London then why not check out our available masseuses, we also offer a dedicated happy ending massage service in Paddington that you’ll want to take a look at if you’re in this area.

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