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Nuru Massage: The Amazing Experience

Updated 23/05/2024

A nuru massage is one where the masseuse uses her body as the massaging instrument as well as the hands. She uses a variety of sensual movements such as rubbing, stroking, sliding and grinding her body against the receiver’s. Usually performed naked, it’s a deeply erotic experience that’s perfect for sharing with a significant other and showing your sexual attraction to each other. It’s extremely intimate and intense due to the close skin-to-skin contact. And you can receive it right here at Hotel Massage in London day or night.

A nuru massage will awaken a primal instinct within us, and we’ll feel a mixture of carnal desire and blissful gentleness. The motions take our minds to another level of self-awareness and help us form a deeper emotional connection with our lover. A nuru massage isn’t just pleasurable – it can even restore lost relationships by relighting the fire all thanks to an ancient technique that was founded in Japan all them years ago. Amazing right?

However, like many things in life, it isn’t an easy process. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the background work for you and put together a guide on what you’ll need, the method and the different techniques – all to help you experience the gloriousness of the nuru massage but if it all seems to much of a process why not book in with us? Experience the true art of the Nuru massage yourself.

The things you will need for a successful Nuru massage!

Nuru gel – Make sure it’s authentic from Japan!
Plastic sheet (to protect bedding) from the slippery gel or an air mattress
Bowl of warm/hot water to mix up the gel

Before you venture into the world of nuru massage or any erotic massage for that matter, you’ll need to prepare. Some nuru massage kits, such as Wet’s Nuru Erotic Massage Kit, give you everything you need to walk you through the process – all in a handy box. Wet’s massage kit comes packaged with a bottle of nuru gel (will last for at least two full body massages), a protective clear double plastic sheet to lay over your bedding (it’s also easy to clean and re-useable) and an instructional DVD. If you don’t want to fork out for this, just make sure you have everything in the list we provided above. You can watch instructional videos on Youtube or even have a naughty saunter to adult websites and see what techniques you could use before you start as it could be overwhelming and if you get it right the first time you will defiantly want to try it again.

As long as you have these accessories within arm’s reach and an idea of what moves to do in your head, you’ll be good to go!

Nuru Massage Gel

Nuru gel is a special product that was designed specifically for nuru massage play. Made from the Nori seaweed, it’s completely odourless, colourless, non-staining and perfectly designed for long-lasting sexual fun. The gel is super slippery and water-based so you and your partner can glide smoothly against each other, creating maximum pleasure, and the gel can easily be washed off with water. The quick fact is nori is actually the same thing that sushi rolls are made from!

The gel is very intriguing. It’s clear and very viscous. Its semi solid nature means that you can hold it and lift it like a sheet, but it will still flow down like water. Nuru gel is mixed with warm water to dilute it and make it slippery. The more water you add, the slipperier it becomes and it’ll stay wet on the skin. When the gel does start to dry out (from contact with dry air), just reapply.

Massage gel is quite different to massage oils, although they share the same purpose of lubricating the skin for massaging. Massage oil smells more pleasant, but oil is never easy to wash off and it is absorbed relatively quickly by the skin so frequent reapplication is necessary. Gel is slipperier, easier to wash off and lasts longer on the skin. However, gel is more ‘high maintenance’ in that you have to pre-mix it with water as opposed to oils which can be applied straight out of the bottle. After diluting it and you’ve got your desired consistency, the gel becomes thinner and has a lightweight texture – like oils but smoother and silkier instead of oily. Surprisingly, nuru gel doesn’t get sticky or congeal, and it can be easily washed off with water or damp towel.

Nuru gel doesn’t stain nor does it leave a filmy residue. It’s so simple to wipe off, that you could easily squeeze in a quick nuru session and go about your day afterwards. It feels incredibly soft on the skin and is even extremely moisturising. However, because of the nature of the massage and the semi-solid consistency of the gel, a nuru massage does tend to get messy and the gel tends to go everywhere. Using a protective plastic sheet will make cleaning up much simpler, and a classic nuru session is usually concluded with a shower to properly wash it out of all your nooks and crannies. Besides, shared showers are sexy and fun! If you are looking at booking a nuru massage with us and have sensitive skin you can always try the gel on a patch first but we have never had this encounter before where it can cause a reaction due to its all-natural ingredients.

How To Be a Nuru Massage God/Goddess

It’s best to do a nuru massage on a roomy flat surface like an air mattress or the bed with a plastic sheet to protect your bedding and make the cleaning up process much simpler. Once you’ve set up your massage area, mix the gel with warm water. Then float the bottle in a bowl of hot water to keep it warm.

Now you’re all ready to get slippery with your partner. It’s best to wear as little clothing as possible, so completely undress or wear swimwear. Have them lie on their front and close your eyes. This intensifies the sensations. Pour the gel over your body and your partner. This can be part of the foreplay, so be sure to sensually drizzle it down your body and slowly rub it over. The ultimate feel-good package.

Once you’re both slathered in nuru gel, climb onto your partner and straddle them. Rub your hands over their back and forearms, and slowly grind. Build up tension and confidence. Once you’re comfortable, lower yourself for full bodily contact. Then begin rubbing and sliding your body against theirs. Turn around and glide your back against theirs as well. If you feel silly, just laugh! A nuru massage is meant to be a fun and relaxed novelty act.

When it’s time to do the front, be confident! You might feel self-conscious but don’t worry – your partner will be totally turned on. Watch instructional videos for inspiration, but continue grinding your buttocks and groin against their body. Lower yourself, press your body against theirs and slide. Close your eyes and feel every curve glide over theirs. Drown in the sensation. Be slow and tease your partner – make them wait before they get the release they’re craving.

Take your time and have fun. Slide away!

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