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Seven Reasons Why You Need Erotic Massage

Here are some seven (7) reasons why you need an erotic massage

The erotic massage offers wonders to couples who wish to explore the greater potential of their relationship and sex lives. For one, it forces creativity and breaks from the norm. Conventions have to go, routine has to be slashed and sexual practice has to be enhanced. This massage is so erotic, so arousing that it has to lead to wild sex. It is the prelude to the most explosive sex you can imagine.

And that is because the erogenous zones are stimulated which heightens the arousal rate and puts the body into over-drive. So, that is just a brief overview. Let us now go to the seven top reasons why everyone needs an erotic massage!

Some reasons why Erotic massage could be good for couples in the world

  • Builds a greater connection to your spouse – You get to explore her body without inhibition. You get to touch, stroke and rub in ways that you otherwise wouldn’t do.
  • Awakens the senses and enhances sexual energy – It is said that the most sensual part of the body is the skin! We know that the breasts, thighs and sex organs are extra sensitive because of nerve endings but it is through deliberate and measured sensual touches that the body receives a tingling tantalising energy that can be orgasmic!
  • Excellent for foreplay –  No sex is complete without foreplay and no foreplay is exciting without passion. Therefore, it is pure eroticism that is felt with the long strokes and oily massage that is present in the erotic massage. Get this part right then the sex will be explosive!
  • Allows you to explore sex in new and creative ways – Convention and routine is the worst thing that can happen to your sex life. Remember that sex is not a tick box exercise; neither should it be considered a chore. Add some innovation and creativity that leaves your spouse surprised and wanting more. Perhaps steam it up completely by adding some naughty adult games to the fun!
  • Adds an extra dimension to intimacy – Intimacy problems are a leading factor in relationship strains and break-ups. Once the intimacy has gone then any romantic gesture lacks the heart and soul for it to be considered genuine. By keeping your love life authentic, intimate moments have to be varied and unexpected, how else do you think some of the most beautiful women are courted?
  • Encourages eye contact and better communication – Behavioural psychology sheds a lot of emphasis on reading body language as it is one of the forms of communication. Unfortunately, in today’s technological era many couples no longer are able to communicate in effective ways as we are so used to texting and snapchat messages. With an erotic massage, the use of eye contact and communication is developed so your real emotions can be expressed.
  • A good sex life helps with life – It may sound like an absurd thing but the University of Texas found that a healthy sex life helps to boost confidence, self-esteem and develops positive feelings. A good PMA (positive mental attitude) helps with friendships, conflict resolution, work place dilemmas and marriage! It shows how a good erotic massage can lead to great sex and then sex pays you back – talk about a deal!

Anyway, that is just a short list of why an erotic massage is something you should invest in. Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been married for a couple of decades, give this a go. Buy the oil, candles and sultry music then just see how your relationship transforms to greater satisfaction, warmth and passion.

Happy erotic massaging!

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