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Why you should forget stage fright and get a prostate massage

You may have heard from more adventurous friends that prostate massage is the best feeling ever. Known as the ‘male g spot’, the prostate is one of the best-kept secrets of male pleasure. However, most guys have their first encounter with their prostate in a doctor’s office in their middle age. And it’s understandable, considering where the prostate is located. Not only is it tucked away ‘up the bum’, the prostate takes skill to manipulate in a way that feels good, and it’s nearly impossible to do it yourself. However, if you’re neglecting it, you’re missing out.

You have a few options when it comes to prostate massage; you can persuade a partner to do it, buy a specially made prostate massager designed to give you the reach you don’t have on your own, or come to a professional. Coming round to the idea of having something inserted into the rectum is hard enough, without having to convince a partner to do it for you. Many straight men are especially shy in bringing it up, and understandably so. The beauty of going to a massage parlour is you get to see a seasoned professional who knows exactly what to do and has no qualms about doing it. By massaging you first and bringing you into a calm and relaxed environment, your masseuse can make the experience as easy as possible. Here are some reasons you should get one.


  • It’s good for you

Believe it or not, prostate massage has numerous health benefits. The act of releasing fluid through the prostate is known as ‘prostate milking’, and can be done by a doctor in a non-pleasurable medical procedure. But why bother with that when the blissful version is available to you? Built up fluid in the prostate gland can cause swelling and pain known as ‘prostatitis’. This can impact the surrounding organs, too. The prostate plays an essential part in the function of the urinary and reproductive system, and relieving pressure through prostate massage can ensure they function well.


  • It can improve sexual function

The prostate gland produces the fluid that contains sperm. Stimulating it can improve erections, ejaculation, and stamina. By reducing inflammation the sexual function of the male reproductive system can run a lot more smoothly, which can be a godsend for men who have been experiencing sexual dysfunction. Not only that, it sex more enjoyable, opening up a whole new realm of pleasure for men and spicing things up in the bedroom. Prostate stimulation can be a way to achieve the elusive multiple male orgasms and can provide totally different sensations compared to a usual orgasm.


  • It’s a totally unique experience

Any man who has had a prostate orgasm will tell you that it feels amazing. The sensation comes from deep within the pelvis, rather than the genitals. It’s a longer-lasting feeling, with an extended ‘afterglow’. Men describe it as being far more intense than a regular orgasm, leaving them feeling the effects for a long time afterwards. Some describe a near ‘paralysing’ experience, causing you to literally go weak at the knees. This is a sexual release like no other, one that you may end up going back to again and again.


  • It’s easier and more fun to let a professional do it

There are various ways to give yourself a prostate massage, and you can even purchase specially designed sex toys to make things easier. But it can take a lot of practice, and eat up a lot of your time.  By visiting a massage parlour you can get it done by a professional who has years of experience. Erotic masseuses have tools and skills available to make it a truly pleasurable experience without the fuss and awkwardness. What’s more, you will get a traditional body massage along with it, from a sexy naked masseuse! It’s the perfect package, and it will leave you with the confidence to perform the massage on yourself or help a partner do it.

Don’t let shyness get in the way of a thrilling and unique sexual experience. It is a great way to spice up your sex life and will help you get to know your body better. Do some research and see if it looks right for you.

At Hotel Massage London you can guarantee shy/stress-free services with one of our chosen oriental masseuses, the best in the City of London.

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