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The ultimate guide to London outcall massage services

Helping you find the best hotel massage experience in London

You know what a massage is but what’s an outcall one? This is a question a lot of new clients tend to ask. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a guide to help you understand outcall services in London and other areas. Read on to find out what it is, how different it is to a salon massage and why you should choose outcall for your next adult massage experience.

What is an outcall massage service? And how is it different than incall?

Massages can either be incall or outcall. An incall service is a massage that takes place in the massage therapist’s own premises, hence the usage of the word “in”. Here, the massaging environment stays constant. This can include:

  • Clinic
  • Salon
  • Parlour
  • Office
  • Spa

An outcall service is where the masseuse travels to the client’s place (for example, home, hotel room, own office), hence the usage of the word “out”. With this type of service, the massaging environment changes and the therapist has to bring the equipment needed for the massage with them.

Incall vs Outcall

The main difference between incall and outcall is the location – incall takes place in the masseuse’s own environment while outcall is where the client choses. But we understand – there are various other factors to consider before you choose to invest your money in the massage that may or may not be the best relaxing experience of your life.

6 reasons you should choose outcall

One thing to note is that an outcall massage will always be more expensive than an incall service. This is because you will be charged for the masseuse’s travelling costs while with an incall, you only need to pay for your own – the masseuse stays put in her parlour, clinic or spa. This extra cost, which may vary from a slight additional charge or a substantial depending on the distance, often pushes clients towards choosing incall. But don’t let that put you off!

1. Outcall is so convenient, quick and easy

These days, we toil away at the office for such long hours – leaving home at sunrise and coming home at sundown – so there’s hardly any time to relax your work-scrambled mind. Massages are a wonderful way to de-stress at the end of the week. Sitting upright in a spindly office chair on a daily basis has probably left your back muscles crying for some TLC, so imagine how a deep tissue massage would feel after a long day at work. You’ll be purring in pleasure. But then you realise you have to find a parlour that’s actually open after usual work hours and then you’ll have to physically make a move to get there. Can you be bothered? Outcall massages are so easy – all you have to do is pick up the phone and call!

2. Anytime, anywhere

Because the masseuse comes to you via taxi, outcall massages can take place anywhere you want and at any time. Outcall services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Can’t be bothered to find your nearest massage parlour? No worries, a masseuse can come over to your house. Visiting London and needing to relax after the long journey? No problem, she can come to your hotel room. Working overtime and need a masseuse to help relax you? Do not fret – masseuses can even visit your office! So whether you’re craving a sensual touch in the morning to wake you up or an erotic comedown to end your day the perfect way, outcall service is totally flexible.

3. You can easily slot it into your busy daily schedule

Outcall massages can easily be fitted into your hectic work day. That’s why you pay a little extra – it’s the luxury of having a masseuse iron away your physical creaks and mental kinks whenever and wherever you want. The massage therapist isn’t bound to the salon’s opening hours, as they would normally be with an incall service, so you can easily fit a massage into your day. Day or night Hotel Massage is waiting.

4. You can get the best, most popular masseuses

The best, most popular masseuses are in demand. You can imagine the struggle trying to book one. Massages are often spontaneous decisions, best enjoyed after an unforeseeably tough day at work. Picture your frustration when you try and book a session only to hear your favourite masseuse is fully booked up until next month. This is when outcall massage services are an absolute godsend. You can ring and have her turn up at your doorstep whenever you want usually within just an hour. Again this is why you pay a little extra – she’s working outside of her usual hours.

5. You pick the location – it’s totally your call

Aside from convenience, the freedom of choosing the location means you can pick the place you feel most comfortable in. Of course it does mean the environment cannot be totally controlled as is with incall services (for example, room temperature and lighting) and there may distracting noises like ringing phones or doorbells, but it’s easier to relax in the comfort of your own home as opposed to a stuffy parlour with a rickety massage table. Plus, there’s no need home after the session (you’re already there!), so you can have a nap or have a bath – anything that fully reaps the relaxing benefits of a massage.

6. Massages are crazily beneficial

If you’re thinking it’s better to save money and not get a massage in the first place, well…massages have been proven to be beneficial for health. Studies have shown they boost cardiovascular function and immune system. Plus, the oils, gels and lotions used are highly moisturising and great for skin. There are also various mental benefits associated with massages – for example, the close contact shared with the masseuse can help with intimacy and even arousal issues. Above all, massages are deeply relaxing and relaxation is the key for a clear and fully functioning mind. Outcall massage services give you this with just a click of a button! Day or night Hotel Massage has you covered!


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