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Therapeutic Benefits of Massage

Six (6) Therapeutic benefits of massage to you

There is plenty of discussion out there amoungst the medical profession and well-being advocates about the importance of healthy living. A well balanced diet, plenty of water and regular exercise are all stressed so to ensure wellness in all segments of life. Surprisingly, very little attention (if any) is given to the countless benefits of regular massages. Stress, it is said, is a universal reality of being a human being. And some amount of stress is good for us. We need stress for adrenaline to kick in, for our fight or flight mechanism to become active and for us to react in such ways in order to achieve betterment.

However, there is a level of stress, which if left unchecked, can lead to distress and then come all of the symptoms. This can vary from emotional disturbance such as anger and anxiety to sexual performance problems such as erectile dysfunction. It is true that many can handle stress well. Exercising, listening to music or going on long walks helps greatly in allowing the mind and body to replenish itself.

According to many clinical studies, stress relief is the primary benefit of a massage. It is understood that a single 1 ½ hour session can dramatically reduce one’s heart rate, cortisol levels and insulin levels, therefore keeping the entire body in balance. And this point cannot be exaggerated. The benefits of regular massage are so remarkable; it is noteworthy to mention that it is very much integral to the body’s homoeostasis.

What does that mean?

To put it simply, the inner mechanisms of the body have to be in a fine balance in order for us to be and feel healthy. So, let’s present 6 different ways in which a good therapeutic massage can be of life-changing benefit:-

    Counteracts postural stress

This is a very typical problem, especially for those involved in office work or prolonged sitting positions. It is often the case that such stress manifests itself in the neck, shoulders and lower back. So, aside from moving away from your desk every hour or having an ergonomic chair, a regular massage works wonders.

    Eases muscle pain

We’ve all had the occasional muscle pull or a sports injury that compromises our mobility. In the case of sore muscles, a good rub with kneading techniques improves blood circulation and breaks down the hard fibre bands, resulting in effective pain relief and a loosening of muscle tissue.

    A great treatment for anxiety and depression

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found that those who were suffering from emotional disturbances were much happier and relaxed following a massage. Similar findings have been noted by women with breast cancer in that regular massages found them to be less anxious and more positive about the future.

    Helps you sleep better

Aside from Chamomile tea or a hot cup of milky chocolate, a good massage helps with insomnia and restlessness. It is known that the release of melatonin is triggered by a soothing massage and it is this massage that prepares the mind and body for sleep. This also applies to babies and toddlers – a Study at the University of Warwick found that the young ones cry less and sleep more from massages.

    Relieves headaches

Having a migraine or a tension headache can be dealt with effectively with an Indian Head massage. The production of endorphin (body’s natural pain killer) can melt away the pain so you finish being good as new.

    Boost your immune system

For us to fight off colds, flus, germs and bacteria, we need a good immune response so that we remain fit and healthy. Being over-worked, stressed and busy eventually slows our bodies down, leaving us to feel tired and ‘run-down’. A massage here can work wonders. According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine , regular massages helps to boost the body’s production of white blood cells – the ammunition we need to fight off attacks!

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