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Various Types of Massages: advantages and disadvantages

Various types of traditional massages: advantages and disadvantages

Touching is a great way of communication. To touch and to be touched is the most ancient form of expression that can leave a lasting impression it also releases oxytocin which is also known as the hugging hormone!
And this is the reason why the massage is just as ancient as the human itself. The mother gently massages a young baby to sleep and a loving husband sensually massages his spouse as a form of intimate foreplay prior to sexual activity. A lot more things revolve around massage in our daily life than we realise.

It is no wonder that there is a massage for any and every situation. For stress relief, chronic back pain, premature ejaculation or postural problems there is something to help our everyday existence. Therefore, to survey every single type of massage would be a colossal task but it would suffice to compare and contrast four common types of massage techniques that you might find in a spa or professional setting: –

    Thai massage
    Indian Head massage
    Deep Tissue massage
    Swedish massage

Thai Massage

According to legend, it was the personal physician of the Buddha who founded the Thai massage and his principles incorporated various medicinal traditions from the South Asian region. With a profound insight into reflexology and Ayurvedic teachings, a comprehensive system evolved that has a number of benefits:-

    No oils, music or special lighting is required for this massage style
    The massage can be carried out without the removal of clothes so it’s suitable for everyone

It is by far a non-conventional massage but is very useful to help with mobility problems such as arthritis, frozen shoulder or muscular soreness.
Is there a disadvantage? Not necessarily but that depends on perspective. For one, it is not suitable for a romantic evening! So, it is not to be used in courting the opposite sex as it would probably deter and not attract as there is a lot of pulling and stretching in this massage to weed out any problems that you might have.
Indian Head massage

The Indian head massage is a very old system that utilises the manipulation of facial and neck pressure points so it is ideal for: –

    Muscular tension

It is renowned the world over for improving blood circulation, lymphatic flow, eliminating toxins and other waste products. Although it is a very good massage, it must only be carried out by a fully trained therapist because it should be avoided in the case of facial or neck injuries, a history of thrombosis or embolism. It is also noted that there is slight dizziness as well as the urge to urinate following the completion of the massage. These are not strictly disadvantages but should be borne in mind if considering such a marvellous type of therapy.

Deep tissue massage

If any massage is painful then that is poorly done but if a massage brings a dull pain to the surface then you’ve guessed it, it is the deep tissue massage. Those who suffer from chronic back pain to reoccurring injuries definitely require this. Through slow and concentrated strokes, deeper layers of muscle tissue are realigned to bring about greater benefit such as flexibility and faster recovery from injury.

The masseuse can use fingers, thumbs, the forearms and even the elbows in order to reach deep into the muscle tissue and fascia (the connective tissue). With bands of deep and painful tissue (called adhesions) that are located in the muscles, ligaments and tendons, the onset of poor blood circulation, inflammation and stiffness are part of the common symptoms that can have an impact on mobility and general health. It is the duty, therefore, of the therapist to use massage oil and direct deep pressure to break the adhesions, thereby releasing pain and discomfort and so restoring the structure to its default position. The problem with this massage is that it can take several hours over several sessions for the technique to be done adequately. And because of the need for prolonged time, it is not exactly cheap!

Swedish massage

The most widespread, the most popular and the most renowned, this is the Swedish massage! If relaxation is the aim then lying on a bed and being pampered by lovely warm oils is the most satisfying feeling. This will improve your blood circulation, oxygen flow and relax the mind. Studies have shown that it also helps to reduce the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, so what could be possibly wrong with the world’s number 1 massage?
Well, it can take a good 2 hours so having the time and the money to experience it won’t be possible for everybody. Secondly, it is of a somewhat intimate procedure. To be semi-nude and have a stranger massage you in certain parts of the body is way out of many people’s comfort zones. Having said that, it is still an incredibly useful technique to those who need it.

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