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4 Hands Massage: The Complete Guide

If having two girls is one of your fantasies just like a threesome in a sense is many men’s fantasies, then you’ll love the 4 Hands massage experience here at Hotel Massage. Here is our inclusive guide on this erotic massage – what it is, how it’s performed, where you can get and more! Just read on…

Have you ever heard of erotic massage? Better yet, have you ever had one? An erotic massage is a style of massage therapy where one person uses sensual motions on another person to achieve sexual arousal. Like a normal massage, it involves direct skin to skin contact. But unlike a normal massage, erotic massage directly stimulates the erogenous zones of the body. So now you know what an erotic massage is.

But what’s a 4 Hands massage?

A 4 Hands massage is literally a four handed massage. Two masseuses (four hands) will touch the client in a series of synchronised movements. While one masseuse works on one side of your body, the other will stimulate the other. The result is full bodied pleasure and total mental satisfaction. The sensations are doubled, which makes a four-handed massage intensely pleasurable.

Now a four handed normal massage would leave the body in a state of deep relaxation. An erotic 4 Hands massage would take it to a new level. Two pairs of hands can do much more and reach much further places than a single pair. An erotic massage would normally have a masseuse sensually running her hands all over your body, which would feel great but you might lie there wishing some attention could be paid to your upper body as well. But if you ask her, the masseuse will stop stroking your sexual areas and it feels too good. A 4 Hands massage eliminates this problem! One masseuse can focus on those aching shoulder muscles while the other stimulates the frustrated lower half of your body. Talk about a fantasy! You’ll never feel holistic relaxation and pleasure like this. Oh did we mention that the masseuses are FULLY naked too?

What types of erotic massage are there that we offer?

Erotic massages have a long and colourful history. They are a branch of massage therapy that was invented when regulations surrounding prostitution were changed. Many countries in Asia changed their law to prohibit the selling of sexual intercourse. Sex workers adapted by selling erotic body massages instead of penetration, because it was just as arousing. Erotic massages became extremely popular and grew to be a regular fixture in many Asian red light districts. Their popularity spread to Western nations and now, you can find them in cities like London, New York and Melbourne.

There are many types of erotic massage you can choose from. These are the most well-known and popular ones:

  • Erotic/sensual massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Nuru massage
  • Prostate massage
    Tantric massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Happy ending massage
  • Soapy massage
  • Full body sensual massage (FBSM)

What happens in a typical 4 Hands massage?

So now we’ve caught your attention and you want to know what to expect from a four hands massage london. The precise line-up of a four handed massage depends on the type of erotic massage, the massage company, the masseuse and the individual customer. Typically, the session will begin with a standard full body massage to relax you (the client). Of course if there are two masseuses, it’s not really ‘standard’ and by the end of this step, you’ll be left more relaxed as you know what you should expect than you would with a two handed massage. The two masseuses will start rubbing up your body, taking one half each. They’ll massage your feet, calves, backs of thighs, back, shoulders and neck – one half each. Their swirling, stroking and fanning motions will always mirror each other’s. The fluidity and remarkable ability to stay synchronised will mesmerise you. At first, your mind will try to separate the movements, trying to figure out which strokes belong to whose hand. But as you start to succumb to the massage, you’ll let go and relax.

Once you’ve relaxed and the masseuses have worked on the back of your body, they’ll flip you over. Now buckle your seatbelts because this is where you’ll take a turn for the erotic.

This time, the masseuses will work up and down your body. They’ll mix up standard massage techniques with more erotic ones. They’ll rub the base of their palms into the tops of your pectoral muscles and then seductively swirl their fingers down your chest. What’s most effective about an erotic massage is the anticipation. The masseuses will get closer to the sexual areas, even gently rubbing a thumb over your groin before moving away. This teasing will build your arousal up. Erotic masseuses are the masters of sexual anticipation. They know exactly how to maintain a constant state of arousal and you’ll feel as though your body is humming in pleasure.

When they eventually do touch your sexual area, it won’t be the end. You’ll feel four hands stimulating you – one pair on the shaft and the other tracing circles on the underside areas. Whenever the masseuses sense that you’re getting close to an orgasm, they’ll back away – and trust us, they’ll know exactly when you’re getting close! When they finally let you climax, the resulting orgasm will be a release of all the stress, anxiety and sexual tension you’ve built up over the weeks. It will be earth-shattering and most likely, the strongest orgasm you’ve ever had.

Why does an erotic 4 Hands massage feel so good?

Well, the four hands will be working in a mesmerisingly synchronised motion. Where one pair goes, the other pair will work on the opposite side and in the opposite direction. And four hands can stimulate more of the body than two hands can. But it’s the erotic nature that trumps it all.

Sexual arousal and gratification have significant health benefits that cannot be ignored. When the body is aroused or having an orgasm, a cocktail of endorphins and feel-good hormones are released into the bloodstream.

Dopamine – lights up the pleasure centre in the brain
Oxytocin – calms and soothes the body, and facilitates the creation of relationship bonds
Serotonin – key ingredient in anti-depressants and is a natural mood stabiliser
Prolactin – reduces anxiety

Regular erotic massage therapy can help your mind stay balanced and motivated. It’s surprising how often sexual frustration and dissatisfaction can lead to poor mood. Erotic massages, particularly a 4 Hands one, can reverse this!

In general, massages are extremely relaxing – we all know this. But are 4 Hands massages better than a two handed one? Well that depends on your personal situation and what outcome you’re looking for. Both massages (4 hands and 2 hands) offer relaxation, but 4 Hands offers this more quickly and in a higher dose. In some ways it’s more satisfying because it sets up a ménage a trois-like scenario, and let’s be honest – what man doesn’t secretly crave a threesome? A 4 Hands massage offers this in the form of a massage.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just read, try our 4 Hands massage for yourself and reap the benefits! We are open daily day and night to fulfil your fantasies.

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