Four Hands Massage London

Best 4 hand massage in London

Our four hands massage london service is something to really write home about. If you have experienced any of the body massages we offer here at our massage agency then you will know just how good a massage can feel if done correctly by a sensually trained central london Asian masseuse.

Now image how much better that massage would have been if your masseuse had brought a friend along with her and you had 4 hands to enjoy during the massage  services not just 2!

Four hands massage massage is exactly what is sounds like – a  full body tantric massage session where there are two different sets of hands working in tandem to complete the tantric massage service.

These types of full body massage services are highly erotic and the shared experience of two Asian masseuses is a dream for many men in central london still despite how easily this can be arranged with four hand massage services. Don’t be fooled and think because its twice the girls its half the time, our 4 hand massage therapists are booked out for an hour minimum to make sure that this is an experience you never forget and come back for time and time again.

When you book a 4 hand massage in the city of london through our massage agency you can choose from a full range of massage services to be included such as 4 handed nuru massage, four handed erotic massage or even a 4 handed lingam massage (not for the faint hearted!).

Just be aware that as we are sending 2 mobile visiting masseuses then the cost is double compared to the regular service. So if you wanted to add a mind blowing twist to a nuru session simply double the cost of our regular one hand massage price for london and you can have 2 stunningly beautiful Asian massage therapists performing a 4 handed nuru massage!

4 Hand Massage London – Whats Involved?

As with any 4 hands massage in london you can expect to enjoy double the trouble for any one hand massage type you mix this service with. Most of our four hand massages will start with an intimate and relaxing full body massage to gradually unwind and melt you, work out any tension that you may still be carrying and to find sensitive areas and spots on your body that the massage services team will be exploiting later on.

Imagine as two soft sets of massage therapists hands work out all the tension in your body in combination with each other, one massaging your neck while her partner gets your shoulders nice and relaxed before the pair start to slowly move around and down your body until you feel like jelly (well most of you anyway!).

Now imagine how excited you will become when the tantric massage therapists move to the front of your body, you turn over and the same two sets of hands apply fresh massage oil and start to slowly explore every inch of your body.

Imagine them easing muscle tension and building your excitement as they tease past your groin area increasing blood circulation to work on your legs, thighs and calfs before slowly working the hand massage back up and the focus is finally put on your groin, genital and Lingam for the most incredible tantric massage experience.

Imagine two slippery sets of hands finding every tiny sensitive area your groin has and exploiting them to drive you to wild before the grand four hand finale arrives with a force you will not be prepared for – this type of massage is what a four handed massage therapy is all about.

4 Hands Massage London: Whats Included in Our Service?

  • Four Hands instead of Two!
  • 2 stunning Asian masseuses of your choice
  • Combine with any massage type
  • Twice the fun and satisfaction of a regular type of massage
  • 1hr + massage session in london
  • Block booking discounts available
  • Over night four hands massage experiences available
  • Highly trained masseuses
  • 24 hour bookings available
best 4 hands masseuse from london

Professional & Discrete Massage Service

Hotel Massage London is proud of the reputation and clientèle it has nurtured over the years. We take our business very seriously and strive to constantly improve and refine our four hand service and the experiences that we offer.

All of the hotel masseuses and visiting mobile masseuses that we provide are 100% authentic Asians who are either Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Thai who now live in the London area either long or short term.

We ensure all of our girls go through strict training and are highly qualified in each hand massage type before we send them out to any client, if you are ever unhappy with the four hand service then please contact us directly as we would be happy to help and would like to hear the feed back so we can further improve our 4 hands massage service.

Totally Discrete London Massage Service

Discretion is our number 1 priority for all massage customers including our 4 hands massage London experiences. Although we do need your name and a working phone number to confirm the booking and contact you if there are any unexpected delays or problems or your hotel room number inf the city of london to confirm you are actually a guest there, we never store this data once a massage has been confirmed. .

4 Hands Massage Costs

4 Hands Cost

  • £260 per hour
  • 1 hr + Four hand massage experience
  • Your choice of 2 Asian Masseuses
  • Mix with another massage type
  • Bulk booking discounts available
  • Overnight four handed experiences available
  • Breathtaking massage type

24 Hour Online Booking