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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Realise About a 4 Hands Massage

Massage therapy works in delightful and unexpected ways. One hour has the ability to soothe muscles strains, ease mental stress, calm the nervous system, boost circulation, stimulate bodily function, enhance the skin and overall, energise the body. Quite a lot don’t you think? A combination of these physiological responses sends a clear message to the brain and that is that massage feels pretty good. And because it feels so good, you want to hold onto that feeling. You want to feel relaxed inside and out all the time. The perfect way to deal with stress!

Massage therapy has cumulative effects. Like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the more often you get a massage, the greater and the longer-lasting the benefits will be. But this also depends on the current state of your body. If you’re suffering from chronic bouts of illness or are recovering from recent injuries, it might take regular sessions or a combination of different styles before you experience the full extent of the benefits.

A 4 Hands massage is a more vigorous and ‘fast track’ way of achieving these benefits. Instead of one masseuse, you have two masseuses working on your body so you are potentially able to experience the benefits twice as quickly. The benefits may even be longer lasting and have deeper effects.

What exactly is a 4 Hands massage?

A 4 Hands massage is a style of massage where you pay for two therapists instead of one. Instead of one therapist massaging you, you get to have two massaging you. These two therapists work in synchronised motion with each other. Typically, they will divide the body into two and one will lead while the other follows. This creates a very mesmerising sensation. That excites every part of your body and leaves you tingling.

A 4 Hands massage is combined with any style of massage – for example, you can get a Swedish 4 Hands massage, which will be very effective for acute muscle strains, or a tantric 4 Hands massage, which will be very effective for chronic stress and sexual impotence. The choice is yours to explore.

Erotic 4 Hands massages help to maintain a good state of mind that lasts

When people think of erotic Asian massages, they automatically assume the worst. They think it’s a sexual service and only seedy old men get them. Yes, Asian massages are sexual in nature and involve sensual techniques, but sex is a societal taboo. Arousal and orgasms are actually extremely effective at releasing tension and relieving chronic stress.

Have you ever noticed that after a particularly intense orgasm, you feel extremely relaxed and drained but in a good way? You might even feel a bit sleepy and your muscles will feel loose. This is because when you orgasm, hormones and endorphins are released that collectively work to produce feelings of calm, reduce anxiety and stabilise mood. An erotic massage uses techniques that are designed to localise arousal and maximise pleasure for optimum tension release. An erotic 4 Hands massage doubles this. You can expect to experience whole body pleasure – literally, because two therapists can massage the two polar ends of your body at the same time.

Here are five things you probably didn’t realise about a 4 Hands massage:

1. It can cure or help with acute and/or chronic stress

If you’ve been experiencing long-term stress or have recently been exposed to an intensely stressful situation, a 4 Hands massage can help. Massage therapy is well-known to be extremely relaxing, because it manually works tensions out of the muscles. You might not notice, but stressed individuals hold themselves in a different way – for example, hunched shoulders and slouching. Massages help to work muscle knots out and a 4 Hands session can work on a greater area of the body at the same time. Perfect right?

2. It’s intensely relaxing

During a 4 Hands massage, the therapists work in sync with each other. One leads and the other follows. The choreographed swirls and varying levels of pressure will feel extremely mesmerising and euphoric. Everyone knows that massages feel relaxing, but two therapists instead of one create a whole new level of relaxation.

3. It can cure insomnia

A 4 Hands massage is more effective at treating insomnia than traditional massages because they are more relaxing. Two therapists can dig into deeper levels of stress (metaphorically and literally) and because stress is one of the causes for insomnia, a 4 Hands session can really kick this condition to the curb. And help you get a good night sleep to repair your mind and body.

4. It promotes healing

Massages increase the functions of all of the body’s systems, but in particular, the circulatory and lymphatic systems. By stimulating blood flow, massages ensure that the cells receive their nutrients more efficiently and toxins are removed more quickly. As a result, the body is detoxified and left in a better state.

5. It can even help with sexual problems and recover sex drive

When combined with an erotic Asian massage style such as lingam or tantric, a 4 Hands massage can do wonders for people suffering from sexual problems. For example, a tantric four hands massage london therapy will thoroughly test mental control because it focuses on slowly building arousal and edging along orgasms. This can help if you are experiencing premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm or even reduced sexual appetite, as oriental massages will help you to discover new sensual tricks.

Interested in a 4 Hands Asian massage?

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