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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do During a 4 Hands Massage



A 4 Hands massage feels so good and comes with a wealth of benefits, so its popularity among massage enthusiasts is rising. But there are some misconceptions about this style, so if you’re looking to get one, read this guide first. And find the common things that are a no-go before your duo/4 hand’s massage session!

What is a 4 Hands Massage? And why is it so revered?

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This special kind of massage is very unique. It involves two of our beautiful masseuses using their four hands to manipulate and stimulate the body from head to toe. The masseuses will move their hands in a synchronised motion – a method that leaves clients mesmerised. Typically, one masseuse will work on one side of the body, like the right leg, while the other works on the left leg and follows the first masseuse’s lead.

Clients of 4 Handed massages are always left more content and relaxed than ones of standard two-handed massages. Two pairs of hands can reach more places, stimulate more areas and excite more senses than one pair ever can. Have you ever had a Swedish massage and wanted the masseuse to focus on your calves but didn’t want to ask her to stop the glorious work she’s putting into your shoulders? Well, with a 4 Hands massage, you have two masseuses so they can divide and conquer all of your aching muscles. One can work on your neck strains while the other irons out the knots in your upper thighs. It’s literally double the relaxation. Without even thinking about the adult side of things yet!

Even if you’ve never had a massage before, you’ll have an idea of what to do during one. Basically, just relax, close your eyes and feel. But shouldn’t you do during one? Let’s find out.

1. Don’t turn up unprepared for your session 

There are many different types of massage and while they may offer similar benefits, they still vary. Have a little research of the massage you’re interested in and the problems you are looking to get rid of (you can find the various massage styles on our website under the services guides). There’s nothing worse than turning up to a massage, with misinformed perceptions, and being totally shocked when the masseuses start playing with your anus. And why did they do that? Well, you asked for a 4 Hands prostate massage and that’s exactly what they’re doing. So always know exactly what you want before the massage. Ask the masseuses if you’re unsure or speak to our reception team who can answer any of these question you might have.

It’s also good courtesy to have a shower and perhaps a shave or a trim of the sexual areas before a massage because a massage is quite an intimate affair after all. You’re lying naked on a table with a complete stranger (strangers during a 4 Hands massage) and letting them touch you. The least you can do is maintain a good level of hygiene and general cleanliness so they can reach all the good spots.

2. Don’t be completely passive and quiet

Masseuses like a bit of feedback and constructive criticism, otherwise they won’t know if what they’re doing feels good to you. So don’t just lie there in silence. Ask them to work on a certain area if it’s feeling particularly strained. Tell them the movements feel nice, or suggest switching back to the movement they used before if that felt better. And make an effort to start a bit of a conversation. It’ll help lighten and relax the mood. Don’t be worried or self conscious the masseuses have seem every type of body possible anyhow.

3. But don’t be too aggressive or inappropriate either

Always be polite and respectful. Don’t demand they work on a certain area or switch back to a previous movement. Don’t make inappropriately sexual groans or reach out and pinch their bums unless you have permission. Don’t force them into personal conversations if the masseuses aren’t willing to share. Masseuses will always be professional but at the end of the day, they are still human and we are less able to work efficiently when angered or annoyed and can even lead to the session being cut short.

4. Don’t treat the masseuses like prostitutes

With reference to point three, don’t be inappropriate and treat the masseuses as though they are sex workers. They aren’t. Even if they are erotic masseuses, they are still trained massage therapists and will maintain a certain level of professionalism. While you can enjoy either a happy ending or full service these are extras that they provide.

5. Leave a tip if you wish

While tipping is always optional you can leave a tip if you wish especially if you find the service exciting and fun! But remember you are under no obligation to do this

A 4 Hands massage is a glorious hybrid of massage styles and is capable of providing, long-lasting, fast-acting intense contentment and pleasure. Your body is being pampered with twice as much attention. But your experience is up to the masseuses – it is literally in their hands. So follow these rules and you are sure to get the four handed massage of your dreams with happy masseuses who are willing to help you get there.

Where can I get a 4 hands massage?

We offer a four hands massage london experience in a range of different erotic styles from £240 an hour. Speak to our reception team to book in for your 4 hands fantasy today in 2024 and beyond.


Updated on 23/05/2024 to reflect changes and prices

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