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Benefits of Lingam Massage

Some benefits of a lingam massage to mankind

There are certain massages that completely go against all conventions, all norms and expectations. Without doubt, this is one of them as it promises to change all your conceptions of what a relationship is, what your spouse is expected to do and the very nature of foreplay itself. If you don’t want to change, then feel free to leave this article now but (and it is an assertive but) if you need to alter the dynamics with your other half or add some spice to a bland relationship then this will seriously change the course of your relationship forever and ever.

First thing – let’s briefly go into what a lingam massage is. Originating from the Sanskript term that literally means, ‘wand of light’, the philosophical tradition found in Hinduism considers the penis more than just a sexual organ that is used for penetration. Within Hindu philosophy, the penis (and the surrounding area) is the centre-point of sexual energy and if it is tamed with affection then an orgasm can spread throughout the entire body.

In order for us to understand some of the incredible benefits of a lingam massage, it is important to go through the ancient texts on Far Eastern sexology. And no, this won’t be a boring lecture so only a few moments of your time are required.

In particular, Taoist sexual practice sheds invaluable insights into the way in which sexual energy is blended with the body, mind and soul. So, it is not an exaggeration to say that sex is sacred and deeply spiritual (and spiritualising) therefore, first and foremost, it enhances one as a human being. The pleasure of orgasm is, if understood correctly, meant to develop the human to new heights and this is the reason why there are two main benefits to the lingam massage: –

  • Dispersion and enhancement of sexual energy
  • Controlled channelling of lust

With the use of oil and appropriate rubbing techniques, the abdomen is caressed alongside the thighs and pelvis area. Within time, the penis is approached and this is where a heightened level of sexual tension is built up with the various ranges of techniques. It is known that there are over 25 different methods of massaging and rubbing the penis, all with a specific purpose and objective so the receiver is expected to internalise the sexual energy by concentrating on his breathing.

One thing that is strikingly obvious is that the man has to re-programme his sexual state in order to experience a different type of pleasure. This is because he is not in control and his lustful state is at the disposal of somebody else.

What this means is that a better control of his arousal is required (through breathing) so those men with premature ejaculation will find this massage to be encouraging because it begins the road to sexual longevity. And this is the reason why the philosophy of the lingam massage is to disperse sexual energy so the pleasure is felt through the entire body. This totally breaks down the traditional understanding of sex. We are educated to just focus on the orgasm but we forget that our internal energy can be nurtured in such a way that a man can be in a euphoric mood without ejaculating.

It is through the explosive nature of lust that often leads to ejaculatory problems. And this is why lust has to be channeled appropriately by engaging with the body’s energy streams. Let’s think about this practically. Once a reasonable amount of oil is applied to the shaft and testicles of the penis, the intimate massage begins by rubbing the scrotum and prostate area with one hand, whilst with the other hand, the main body of the penis is recipient to a gentle up and down vertical movement. Applying the right pressure in the right spot is the key to intensify sexual desire.

With a variation of speed and pressure, the feeling of ejaculation will be strong but the masseuse slows the tempo right down and then focuses on a different area such as the side of the abdomen (oblique’s) thereby spreading the energy around the body so the entire being feels pleasure without the need for ejaculation! Through this technique, the orgasmic power will disperse to all parts of the body like waves, some intense whilst others being more subtle. The result is ejaculatory mastery that enhances one’s love life many fold.

Going back to Taoist sexual practices, it is stressed that orgasms and ejaculation are two different phenomena – the term retrograde ejaculation is used to imply internal ejaculation with its accompanying orgasm- and once this is skilfully understood, sex will be a work of art!

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