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What is Lingam Massage

What do you know about Lingam massage?

Sex has its conventions. The gentleman, we are told, always starts off by engaging in gentle foreplay with soft and sensual touches. His spouse is to lay back and absorb the slow and gracious energy that comes her way. Only after some time the next phase begins with penetration and that is only when the signs clearly express her want and desire. Again, only a true gentlemanly lover keeps his sexual receptors engaged to his lover and he knows exactly what she wants when she wants it.

Now, how about turning this idea of foreplay completely upside-down? What if the woman was to engage in foreplay with the man? This may seem strange and absurd but that is the reality of the lingam massage!

It is foreplay for the woman to engage with her man but as you can intuit, this is not conventional foreplay that is merely designed to ‘wet’ the sexual appetite. For the man, he has to be gentle with his lover and be patient. It is said that the best part of sex is the foreplay and only when the vagina is wet, can easy penetration occur. At that part, the woman can reach climax a little easier because of the friction that is created between the penis and the vaginal walls, aided with the moisture of the female genitalia.

As for the lingam massage, the man lies back at a 45 degree angle, ideally against some soft cushions and exposes his entire body to his partner. To start with, a very relaxed routine begins with a splash of oil massaged onto the abdomen in circular motion. The man has to be totally relaxed and avoid touching his partner. The temptations to reciprocate have to be controlled as the philosophy behind the lingam massage is to cultivate and harness male sexual energy therefore it is imperative for the man to focus on his breathing and absorb the movements of his partner.

After a few strokes, she keeps the skin moisturised by adding more oil and moves down to the pelvic area and hips. Note, that the penis should not be touched by anyone because it is the rhythmic movements that are to create the sexual tension and this will intensify as the massage progresses. On the pelvic and hips, instead of circular movements, a new phase of gentle pressing combined with a slight up and down motion introduces a relaxation of the muscles and tissues, which in turn stimulates blood flow to the penis.

It is important to maintain eye contact for a good 80% of the time. This is a very sensual exercise and regular eye contact with no verbal instructions or communication makes this a very erotic experience. One of the magical components of an exciting sex life is to be able to read the signs of your partner. Sexual desires often express themselves in body postures so here, the woman should be able to read when her partner wants her to progress to the most intimate part of the massage – the stroking of the penis!

Depending how erect the penis is would determine the first type of stroke. If the penis is still a little soft then it is a case of holding the body of the male organ and squeezing it in the fist until it reaches a full erection. Then continue with gentle strokes whereby all fingers come together as if it is a picking action (imagine picking up a set of keys from a table) and begin this action by starting at the base of the penis just above the testicles and move up to the shaft. This has to be a very gentle and slow movement to stimulate the nerve endings.

One has to bear in mind that this lingam massage is a very advanced technique so it will take many months of practice before it develops into a power sexual system. Just keep on experimenting and enjoy each other’s desires!

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