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Tantric Lingam Massage – Hours of Pleasure for Men

Why you need to try a lingam massage

Did you know that sexual intimacy can cure nearly all ailments? Yes, you read correctly. Sex is a great cure for a huge number of psychological issues and the relief it provides can actually help speed up recovery from physical illnesses.

We know, we know. When your body hurts all over and you’re feeling under the weather, the last thing you feel is sexy. Plus, you’re probably wondering if the pain will prevent blood from flowing to a certain area on your body. In reality, sexual intimacy and arousal releases all sorts of ‘feel good’ hormones that will alleviate the pain from illness and facilitate in your recovery. Lingam massages are a great way to achieve these benefits with little effort on your behalf. Trained masseuses know exactly how to increase your pleasure just the way you like it.

What’s a lingam massage?

So what is a lingam massage? In tantra, we call the penis ‘lingam’ and in Sanskrit, it loosely translates to ‘Wand of Light’. The Ancient Indians worshipped the lingam, believing it to be the symbol of ultimate manhood (the yoni is ultimate femininity) because it possesses one half of the special power of creation. A lingam massage focuses entirely on arousing the penis and slowly stimulating the body and mind towards release. When a man welcomes his lingam as an integral part of his whole being, general life and sex life, it opens doors for a richer passionate approach to lovemaking because he’ll be able to experience sex in his whole body and environment as well as in his genitals. When a man truly embraces his sexuality, he will ‘own’ his manhood.

Although a lingam massage is highly erotic and sensual, it’s not necessarily all about sex and orgasms. An authentic lingam massage is based on tantric practices. True tantric practitioners aim to release blocked energy in the body and reconnect the sexual areas with the rest of the body and mind. Lingam massages also work towards this. Society has taught us to separate everything into boxes and categories, particularly about sexuality. Lingam works to help you open up those boxed assumptions and learn to honour and respect every single part of your body – from your brain and heart to your genitals.

What’s the goal?

There is no direct goal for a tantric lingam massage. It’s more about the experience than the happy ending. Lingam therapists focus on building arousal and helping you learn to control desire. Learning control will help make sex ultimately more passionate and pleasurable. When you do reach the inevitable release, you’ll feel your sexual energy connect with your body and mind, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

What happens in a lingam massage?

Even though a lingam massage is primarily focused on the genitals, it will always start with a full body massage to relax you. You can’t fully release your tensions and reawaken your subconscious desires if you’re too hung up on your conscious problems. The therapist will first focus on unwinding and smoothing out your tense, knotted muscles – the mental ones as well as the physical tendons.

When you’re relaxed, she’ll turn her attention to your lingam. Techniques that are specific to the lingam massage will be used to arouse and stimulate your sexual energies. The masseuse will cover your genitals in oil and massage everything from the testicles, scrotum and perineum (area between the anus and the testicles) to the shaft and the head. It’s a slow and sensual process. The masseuse will alternate pressure and build up your arousal, taking you near orgasm and keeping you there. Deep breathing is important here. Lingam massage can teach you how to separate orgasm from ejaculation, and eventually you will be able to make love whenever and however long you want, and experience multiple orgasms without losing any semen.

When you feel complete and satisfied with the massage (whether it’s through orgasm, ejaculation or merely just deep relaxation), the masseuse will help you feel loved and comforted. She’ll stay close to you and cover you with a blanket. Allow your soul to freely connect with hers – it’s key in relationship building. The point of a lingam massage is to allow yourself to run free. There are no rules or ties holding you back.

It’s important you choose the right therapist, with the appropriate skills, for you. Have a chat with them first, whether by phone or face-to-face, just to see how qualified they are and if you are able to make a connection with them. A lingam massage should be sensual as well as erotic, so make sure you know what you’re getting.

Why are orgasms so good for you?

Although orgasms aren’t the goal of lingam massages, they are highly encouraged because they represent energy release. According to tantric theories, ejaculation releases all of the energies that were trapped in your body and causing illness and stress. According to science, orgasms release a cocktail of ‘feel good’ chemicals into your bloodstream, such as oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin. Oxytocin is known as the ‘cuddling hormone’ because it promotes bonding by producing feelings of calm. Endorphins are the ultimate happy hormone because it produces elated feelings and serotonin is the body’s anti-depressant. In short, these hormones are natural chemicals that work to reduce pain awareness and generate feelings of euphoria.

Orgasms also hold a bevy of other benefits like helping with concentration, insomnia and even increase white blood cell count (meaning you can recover from that nasty bout of man flu much faster!).

The benefits of a lingam massage

Lingam massage believes that there are pressure points all over the body that serve as beacons of energy. If these points are stimulated, they will become energised to the point of arousal. Arousal isn’t just about orgasm – it’s about reawakening new senses and promoting subconscious realisations. We humans possess various different unconscious beliefs that we think contribute towards our survival and success. For example, money, security, a roof over our heads, family, friends, love, sex, how others view us, how we view ourselves…the list goes on. It’s an overwhelming pressure to be mentally carrying all of that on a daily basis.

Lingam theorists believe that pressure must be released in the form of arousal. In that moment of physical tension release, we’ll be blessed with complete clarity and total freedom from the societal views that have restricted our passions and sexuality. This will help with self-identity, the maintenance of healthy, positive relationships and the upholding of personal beliefs. The point of lingam massage is not to release stress through ejaculation (although it certainly helps), but to become one with your natural instincts and embrace your selfish desires for one glorious moment.

Sex is beyond a pleasure that rotates around the genital area. It’s a full body and mental experience, and a lingam massage helps a man fully understand this. Sexual energy has an unlimited potential. It not only allows us to feel pleasure, it also inspires and motivates us to take control of our lives. It’s what keeps us moving forward. As a bonus we just so happen to be able to help you finding a lingam massage in London on our main website so dont forget to check there for more info…. oh and did you know….

Lingam massage also helps with…

  • Impotence and premature ejaculation
  • Sexual stamina
  • Self confidence
  • Low sex drive
  • Infertility
  • Fear of intimacy and commitment issues
  • Fear of being physically close to a woman
  • Inability to feel, give or receive love
  • Lack of trust in relationships
  • Reduces promiscuity
  • Lack of motivation and determination


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