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Lingam Massage London Service

Our Lingam Massage London service is one you will never forget once you have experienced it. This amazing tantric lingam massage is one of our most popular massage types and for good reason, imagine an hour of very slow massage dedicated to your genitals (yes, your penis). The idea with this popular form of massage is to prolong the experience and ending, not to rush to it to get it over with. Did we mention that this leg trembling massage will be performed by one of our stunning and most likely naked Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai masseuses?

What is Lingam Massage?

Lingam Massage is often misunderstood, essentially it is a form of tantric or tantra massage that focuses on the male genitals or the “lingam” as it is traditionally known. The misunderstanding comes from the fact that most people think the purpose of this art form is just to achieve an orgasm, but in reality our lingam massage london service is designed to be a very, very slow build up to as pro-longed and intense an orgasm as possible. Your masseuse isn’t there to simply provide a quick or rushed service to make you orgasm as fast as possible, no, her job is to take you as close to the edge as possible and hold you there before finally helping you achieve the strongest, most long lasting orgasm you have ever experienced.

Do not be fooled, this type of massage takes many years to master, an inexperienced lingam masseuse will often miss the important cues that the body gives out when approaching the “point of no return” and this will result in a rushed ending which in our opinion ruins the whole point of the service . Lingam is designed so that 1 hour is about the longest you can stand without it becoming a negative and frustrating experience. Instead it is supposed to relax and then excite you, make you throb and writhe in pleasure as the incredible feelings change with the ebb and flow of the different tantric lingam massage techniques that will be applied to your lingam and testicles. Lingam massage, when done correctly will leave you feeling refreshed, completely relaxed and happy and quite possible a little drained (if you catch our meaning here!)

A Typical Lingam Massage Experience

Ok, so what to expect from a typical session of our lingam massage London service?

Lingam massage will start out much like many other types of massage outcall that you may have experienced, we recommend taking a quick but thorough shower at least 30 mins prior to the time of your appointment or booking so that you are completely clean, something that both you and the masseuse will appreciate. If possible guys, do a little “man-scaping” before this type of massage, trust us, making sure you’re smooth will make this experience a lot better as their wont be any hair to slop the sliding of the masseuses hands all over your most sensitive areas (you can thank us for this one later!).

Once your masseuse arrives you will be taken to the area you have chosen for the massage, most likely a bed or comfortable floor space, and you will be asked to prepare by removing you clothes, a small towel will be given to you for some initial modesty. Initially a lingam massage will start with a quick but not rushed body massage, this is done to start to get you used to the masseuses touch and to relax you properly so that the experience to come can be enjoyed. Once you are in a relaxed state your chosen Asian masseuse will ask you to turn onto you back so she can repeat the body massage on your front but as she approaches your groin and legs she will start to apply Lingam massage techniques slowly to begin arousing you.

Once she is happy that you are aroused the masseuse will normally remove the small towel so she can work freely without hinderence and will begin the slow magic that is tantric lingam massage. This will involve her spending most of the massage applying different techniques to your penis shaft, penis head, scrotum and testicles along with massaging your perineum and a few spots that affect the prostate without the need for an internal massage of this spot. This process will feel like a lifetime but in the best way possible as the masseuse increases and controls your desire switching from technique to technique as she ready your reactions and the sexual state you are in to make sure you aren’t pushed too far until she is ready to do so.

While all this is happening you will be benefiting from seeing the masseuses naked form as she is touching you, something that almost all of our customers find increases and heightens the experience nicely. Once the masseuse is ready for the finale of the massage session she will masterfully build and swell your desires working on multiple areas of your genitals at the same time and will purposely hold you right at the edge of an orgasm for a long time until she finally pushes you over the edge and allows you to achieve orgasm while applying various techniques designed to help make this more focused, more intense, drawn out and prolonged for as long as possible, most men achieve the strongest orgasm they have ever had and and expel a greatly increased “load” during the ending part of a lingam massage therapy.

After this has all ended the masseuse will help to clean you off and recover you as a very important part of the lingam massage experience is to ensure that following the ending you are kept comfortable and allowed to rest to enjoy the afterglow for at least 5 to 10 minutes, this ensures that you feel refreshed and can enjoy the intense lingering after effects of a masterful tantric massage without rushing anything or taking your mind away from the bodies reaction to such an intense ending.

So what is included in our Lingam Massage London Service?

  • Short Erotic Body Massage
  • 1 Hour of “Lingam Love”
  • Leg Trembling, Leg Trembling, Leg Trembling
  • Full Array of Lingam Massage Techniques
  • Choice of Stunning Asian Masseuse
  • Naked / Semi Nude Masseuse
  • Everything Needed For The Experience (except location)
  • 1hr + Massage Experience
  • Happy Endings
Lingam massage therapist from London

Professional & Discrete Massage Service

We provide a strictly professional service and pride ourselves on only providing authentic and trained Asian lingam masseuses who have proven beyond any doubt that they have mastery of this impressive and sensual massage service. You can book in confidence knowing that you will be benefiting from masseuses who are passionate and knowledgeable in the many aspects of lingam techniques.

All of beautiful masseuses are also 100% authentic Asians, we have various girl from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand available who are now living in London either long term or permanently so you may pick based on your personal preference.

Discretion Assured

As you can imagine due to the sensitive nature of this massage type we are completely discrete by nature. We want you to be able to enjoy any service from us like our Lingam Massage London service safe in the knowledge that we will not disclose your name, location or any other contact or identifying information under any circumstances. This is of the upmost importance to us so we only disclose you information to the masseuse for the duration of the booking and then destroy it. We will not sell, transmit, reproduce or share any of your personal information.

Should you book via the booking form online then this information is only used to pass to the masseuse and to call you to confirm the date, type and location of the booking and then following the massage session the information will be destroyed as usual.

Lingam Massage Costs

Nuru Costs

  • £140 per hour
  • 4 Hand Lingam Available – £260 per hour
  • Bulk booking discounts available
  • Overnight lingam massage experiences available
  • Incredable Tantric Massage Experience

More Info, Booking, Video Etc

We have staff available to take your inquiries 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Book online – 24 hours a day

Booking a Lingam masseuse direct to your hotel room, airport room, private home or business couldn’t be easier. You can use the online booking form on our website which can be found in the main menu, in the sidebar on this page or by clicking here.

When using our online booking service please be sure to include your correct phone number as we will call you back within 30 mins of your booking to confirm the details and location before we send a lingam masseuse to you, no exceptions/

Book by phone – 24 hours a day

You can call us direct from your smartphone or tablet by clicking the call buttons on the website or by using 07818 115 228.

Our Lingam Massage London service covers all of Central & Greater London and includes Heathrow & Gatwick Airports, we can operate outside of this area but please contact us first to see if we have available masseuses. For massage services outside this area you will most likely have to pay the transportation costs for the masseuse.

A good overview of the London borough’s we operate in on a daily basis is as follows;

Croydon | Barnet | Ealing | Enfield | Newham | Bromley | Brent | Lambeth | Wandsworth | Soutwark | Redsbridge | Hillingdon | Lewisham | Tower Hamlets | Greenwich | Waltham Forest | Haringey | Hounslow | Hackney | Harrow | Bexley | Islington | Merton | BArking & Dagenham | Sutton | Richmond upon Thames | Hammersmith & Fulham | Kingston upon Thames

All payments are CASH ONLY, no exceptions under any circumstances. Please have the payment ready for when your masseuse arrives as your lingam massage will not be performed until this has been cleared. If you are booking more than one service, are booking multiple hours or would like to bulk book a few sessions then please contact us first as we may be able to arrange a suitable discount at the point of booking.

We are currently producing and uploading a lingam massage video, please be patient and check back soon as the video will show here once it is completed

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