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The Benefits of Prostate Massage Therapy

Prostate Massage Therapy, Should it be a taboo subject?

Perhaps seen as a taboo subject by some, prostate massage therapy has many benefits that can improve health in a variety of ways. A prostate massage can loosen tension in muscles, and relaxes nerve endings within the gland itself. Many men suffering from certain symptoms or irregularities can benefit greatly from a professional prostate massage.

The importance of having the prostate checked by a urologist for cancerous cells is common knowledge, but there are other health benefits to prostate massage. Though the topic has received somewhat sporadic, inconclusive research, advocates of prostate massage agree that the technique, professionally performed, can improve urine flow. As it surrounds the urethra, a swollen or inflamed prostate can inhibit the flow of urine through the neighbouring organ. Prostate massage therapy can reduce painful swelling in the prostate, and allows for better urine flow.Similarly, men suffering from pain when they ejaculate can find that a prostate massage will relieve the pain, as again reducing swelling in the prostate can ease blockages within the entire reproductive system.

Another potential beneficial effect of prostate massage is that stimulating the prostate can improve sexual health and can even be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Used alongside other more mainstream techniques such as medications, pumps, and implants, massaging the prostate can be used to help ease the patient into regaining optimum sexual health and encourage healthy sexual activity. Despite all this, prostate massage can pose risks. The prostate is an incredibly sensitive organ, and overly vigorous massaging can exacerbate swelling and inflammation. Sufferers of prostatitis should never engage in prostate massage, as massaging the prostate can cause the infection to spread and even cause blood to be poisoned. The skin infection Cellulitis can also be caused from prostate massage, and it can also cause haemorrhoids.

For these reasons, it is best to seek the advice and service of a trained professional when engaging in a prostate massage london, but the technique has proven to be beneficial for some. 

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