Prostate Massage London

Prostate massage in London is a service that is often misunderstood, this is a service that has to be experienced to be believed. A prostate massage or g spot massage can not only have some seriously effective and positive health benefits for men but is also guaranteed to leave you more relaxed, drained and satisfied than you have EVER experienced. Bare-in-mind that a prostate massage session or prostate gland milking as it is sometimes called have been around for at least 1,000-2,000 years and has been heavily researched, advanced, practiced and improved over the centuries, mainly by practitioners from the east. This practice can also be traced by to many emperors concubines who used a prostate massage session as a way to greatly improve the sexual experience and satisfaction but also as a way to help increase chances of providing a heir to their emperor.

The benefits of a prostate massage session

Prostate massage therapy is a form of tantric massage that has been crafted over many, many centuries by tantric masters in central Asia. Essentially a tantric prostate massage in london involves using various erotic massage techniques mixed in with many lifetimes of acupuncture knowledge to create an art form. A prostate massage session is often described as a prostate milking service due mainly to the fact that at the end of the massage your prostate will be “milked” which involves manual stimulation of the prostate gland which results in a mind blowing and more intense orgasm than can be achieved through manual stimulation or normal sexual activity.

Apart from the obvious sexual benefits of prostate massage attached to this ancient form of g spot massage there are also some very tangible health and physical benefits that are often overlooked. These benefits include; clearing of stale fluid from your prostate and urinary tract (causes of prostate cancer), reducing the effects of erectile dysfunction, lowering the chances of prostatitis, reduces fluid blockages in the reproductive system which can be reduce painful urination or ejaculation, reduces stress and blood pressure levels and leads to an overall increase in your state of well-being.

Prostate Massage in London - Asian Service

A Typical Prostate Massage London Experience

So, what does a typical prostate massage session of our prostate massage London service look like? Well, just like with any of our massage services you will want to make sure that you have been to the toilet at least 30 mins prior to getting a very through shower, after all we want you to be as relaxed and clean as possible so that you can focus on how good the massage feels rather than worrying about your personal hygiene.

Once the Asian masseuse of your choice has arrived you will be taken to the place this tantric massage will take place which if in a hotel will normally be the bed or a suitable floor space, the same is true if you are using a mobile prostate massage service near by to you private home. You will be asked to strip down naked and our masseuse will usually do the same, she will make sure you have a small towel to help with any initial nerves you have and to make sure that you can start to relax properly as relaxation is a major factor in getting the best possible experience from your massage.

Once you are situated the masseuse will start to relax you with a full body tantric massage starting by massaging your head, neck & shoulders before moving down your body to your upper and then lower back, buttocks, legs, thighs, calf’s and feet to ensure you are nice and relaxed. At this point the masseuse will ask you to turn over so the same massage procedure can be repeated down the front of your body. You will no doubt by now be quite aroused and the masseuse will start to focus on increasing your sexual desire by attending your groin area, this is also done as there are several pressure and acupuncture points in the groin that are connected to the prostate so this begins to slowly work the prostate gland making it start to produce fluid.

By talking to you and making sure you are relaxed the masseuse will ask you to get into one of several positions¬†depending on your personal preference and comfort levels to make it as easy as possible for her to gain access to your prostate gland. Then she will gently, using a finger, begin to manually massage your prostate and using a wealth of knowledge and experience will slowly increase this massaging action in various ways. During this time you will most likely feel the build up of fluid, this is a very pleasant experience (you’ll see what we mean) and you will find yourself in a very, very heightened state of arousal. When your Asian masseuse feels you are ready to experience the full benefits of prostate massage she will complete the session by totally draining you and milking your prostate, most likely whilst manually pleasuring you until your release all of the fluid in your prostate in a huge orgasm and believe us this will be far stronger than any you have experienced before.

So what is included in our Prostate Massage in London?

  • Erotic All Over¬† Tantric Massage
  • Slippery Massage Oils as Needed
  • Various Beautiful Asian Masseuses
  • Everything Needed For The Experience (except location)
  • Slow Build up
  • Manual Prostate Massage / Milking
  • Highly Trained Professionals
  • 1hr + Tantric Massage Experience
  • Mind Blowing Happy Ending
Prostate Massage London Therapist

100% Discrete Prostate Massage Therapy

As with any of our services we take great pride in the quality of the experience that we are providing. In line with this we ensure that we only provide top class, highly trained Asian masseuses who have a wealth of experience when it comes to prostate massage techniques. All of our masseuses are not only trained in this erotic art form but have also had to prove that they can effectively perform this service in the right way many times over before they are allowed to accept an outcall booking for the service.

100% Discretion Assured

We take every precaution to make sure your private information stays private. Be assured that we never share your personal information with anyone apart from the masseuse for obvious reasons. When making a booking online we will ask for information such as your mobile number and room number that we need to confirm your booking and make sure the masseuse arrives on time and at the right location but this information is then destroyed.

Prostate Massage Costs

Prostate Massage Costs

  • ¬£140 per hour
  • Manual Prostate Milking
  • Happiest Ending
  • Block Booking Discounts Available
  • Overnight Massage Experiences Available

How to Book

We have staff available to take your inquiries 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Booking a prostate massage direct to your hotel room, airport room, private home or business couldn’t be easier. You can use the online booking form on our website which can be found in the main menu, in the sidebar on this page or by clicking here.

When using our online booking service please be sure to include your correct phone number as we will call you back within 30 mins of your booking to confirm the details and location before we send a prostate masseuse to you, no exceptions/

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You can call us direct from your smartphone or tablet by clicking the call buttons on the website or by using 07818 115 228.

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