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Why A 4 Hands Massage Is The Ultimate Luxury


Although happiness is priceless, fortunately, luxury isn’t, which is why most people spend their lifetime chasing after it. 4 Hands massages are the ‘luxury’ of the massage world, the most sought after, deluxe buy in the industry. Although they don’t come cheap, 4 Hands massages are a truly unique, once in a lifetime experience that goes far beyond sexual gratification.

Never heard of a 4 Hands massages before? Well, we are here to enlighten you and open up your mind to this extraordinary experience. A 4 Hands isn’t necessarily a style of massage, such as a Tantric or a Prostate, it is a service performed by two masseuses instead of one. Clients are able to combine this service with a massage style, and will sit back and relax as two professionals use expert skills to drive their bodies into a euphoric state. All erotic massage styles are indulgent, but imagine experiencing all of that pleasure and happiness with twice the impact?

4 hands massage, you’re not being greedy

4 Hands massages are not an epitome of greed, they are, without a doubt, the ultimate massage experience on the market today. Aside from being bespoke, the advantages of using two masseuses mean twice as much pleasure and twice as many benefits. If you suffer from back problems, having 4 hands massage the tension from your body will leave you feeling twice as limber as you would after a standard, two hand massage. If you’re drowning in stress and need to relieve some tension, having two beautiful women touch and caress would be more impactful than if one woman was to do it. The point is, erotic massages aren’t necessarily all about sexual pleasure, a mantra that also applies when it comes to the 4 hands service.

Scheduling in for a 4 Hands massage is not signing up for a night with two prostitutes, its hiring two skilled experts to help you reconnect with your mind, body and soul. Performing this style of massage requires skill and practice, as both masseuses are expected to synchronise their movements in an elegant series of strokes. Their hands should mirror one another; their body language should be reflective and their auras should complement one another. The masseuses work together as a combines unit to perform the same techniques and strokes on opposite sides of your body. Their routine, should we call it, is orchestrated masterfully to ensure that every sensation is experienced in an order that is most enjoyable for you. Your body is a map of wonders and sensations, and what your masseuses will do is carefully read it, and will then guide you to your destination using the easiest path they can find. For most, the destination is indescribable, unparalleled pleasure.

More than just a quick thrill

What you need to realise is that 4 Hands massages are not desired purely for sex- if that was the case, two prostitutes would come at less of a price. 4 Hands massages are physically, mentally and spiritually cathartic- that is why they are a luxury. You do not pay for this type of massage; you invest in it. Unlike some traditional styles, the repercussions are powerful and long lasting. If you suffer from depression, getting a 4 Hands massage is twice as effective in its ability to rid the body of negative chakras. If you suffer from a heart condition, a 4 Hands massage is twice as healing in its effectiveness to stimulate blood flow and encourage healthier organ function. If your lack of self-esteem is impacting your life, having two beautiful women touch and caress your body is twice as flattering when it comes to boosting your ego.

The bottom line is, 4 Hands massages are cathartic experiences that can have a genuine impact on your life. Regardless of your situation or motive, they are a luxury that could become yours if you don’t let your chance pass you by. What’s more, unlike extravagant cars or top-market fashion, your 4 Hands massage experience will be completely and utterly unique to you. No matter the price tag, most luxuries in life aren’t exclusive, and yet, they are still desired because they feed reputations.

However, your 4 Hands massage will be the first and last of its kind, because it will be designed and performed exclusively for you. A 4 Hands massage is not about anyone else- they’re about you and only you, and that, in this day in age, really is priceless. That, my friends, is what I call the ultimate luxury. If you want to try this ultimate luxury for yourself then head off over to our four hands massage london page where you will get all the information you need and be able to book one in central london quickly and easily.

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