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Why is Sex Good For You

Have you ever thought about why is sex good for you?

This question should be one of the easiest to answer yet it is surprisingly difficult! Not because sex doesn’t have benefits or advantages, it is quite the opposite! The factors that lead to a better life through the joys of sex are so numerous, so comprehensive it is difficult to begin its articulation but let us begin this journey.

There are many ancient texts that speak of the heavenly sentiments associated with the most integral part of human life. The ancient Indians produced one of the most popular and refined text called the Kama Sutra which speaks of all the qualities a man and woman must have in order to give sex its rightful justice. The Chinese to this day proudly speak of their sophisticated Taoist sexology manuals that aim to prolong the man’s performance by eliminating the need to ejaculate and ultimately, to bring the woman to climax.

Then we have the medieval Arabs who, again, documented sexual practices and it was one Tunisian scholar who wrote the Perfumed Garden of sensual delight, whereby he elucidates various positions to lead a fulfilling sex life. Our current time has a colourful pot pourri of sexual desires, practices and philosophies, some stemming from ancient times, others purely modern. But one thing is for sure; the quest for better sex never stops!

So, let us give the top 4 reasons why sex is (really!) good for you…

Better skin

It is commonly thought amongst traditional societies that an exciting and regular sex life helps to give a glowing skin complexion. And this isn’t superstition. Science proves that the increased blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels under the skin makes one’s appearance flusher. Coupled with good mood and stress relief, sex can make you look younger!

A natural painkiller

If you have a migraine or a headache, there are a couple of options. Either pop a tablet or have a good round of sex! This is not sarcasm but a well respected and robust opinion in medical journals. The University of Munster in Germany conducted a number of studies and found strong correlation between sexual activity and migraine reduction. The premise being that through sex, the body releases endorphins which dumbs down pain! Isn’t sex simply magic!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

So many of us have heard that old cliché so many times and without doubt, there is a grain of truth to it. Having a regular dose of fruit and vegetables keeps you healthy and strong. Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that those who engaged in regular and satisfying sex developed strong immune systems and so were better able to fight off germs and infections. It is something that is seldom discussed but alongside a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, the human body needs regular sex – so here’s the new cliché, ‘sex a day keeps the doctor away!’

A confidence booster

In order for you to engage in courting of that certain someone you really like, a respectable amount of confidence is required. A shy guy is seldom attractive but a confident and assertive person can quite easily get the other person’s number! However, the University of Texas found that those people who were confident in bed and aimed to please their partners, often developed very productive and positive mindsets. This is a classic case of poetic justice – giving pleasing sex enables sex to pay you back. You have more confidence and self belief. And the world that we live in could do with much more of that so go on, have more sex!

Sex has much more to offer than we perceive. It is more than just foreplay, penetration and orgasm. If channeled properly, our sexual energies can reap more benefits that we can possibly imagine.

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