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Open today 16th April 2024 from 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM.

The power of full service is just a phone call away to meet with the hottest and sexiest Chinese, Japanese and Korean masseuses ready to make your time one always to remember.

Full service includes both oral sex and protected sex with your masseuse! That’s why its extremely popular.

Choosing the perfect Outcall Asian masseuse for you

We have a wide range of beautiful Asian ladies ready to give you the best time that you can imagine all filled with energy and soft massage hands and luxurious bodies! All these beautiful ladies are ready and waiting to meet you tonight for the session of a lifetime.

What is full service?

Full service is a term that is used to describe a service that is offered during your session and is the ultimate in satisfaction. But how can full service help you?

From sexual pleasure to deep relaxation there are many reasons why people opt for a naughty but nice full service to accompany their massage session.

Do you get full service with a professional massage therapy service?

Nope, traditional massages such as deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, shiatsu massage and Thai massage, feet massage etc are not given with full service as this is a sexual process something you won’t find with a professional service at say a spa, salon or traditional massage therapy service with qualified therapists.

What can a traditional massage help with?

People usually visit for a traditional massage to help with certain problems or injuries they might be having. This can include the likes of muscle tension, pain, healing, muscle aches, stress and pains around the body. And other health problems that you might be having.

And massages like aromatherapy massage can help with all sorts of problems and help you relax while traditional massages are a nice massage to get. If you are looking for sexual services it’s not the right place for you.

What massages are performed with full service?

There are plenty of massages that we offer that are close to what you might find at a more traditional place of massage therapy. Adding full service to your massage turns a good massage into an amazing experience that you will want to go back to time and time again and will always remember.

Finding your perfect Asian massage

We offer more than just a full body massage and some that might surprise you. All are designed to give you pleasure and complete satisfaction all in a sexy atmosphere designed to give you complete satisfaction. Let’s see some of the popular massage therapy you can enjoy with us and how they can make you feel amazing tonight in London.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massages are full body massage that is the perfect mixture of fast and slow strokes to really excite every part of your naked body. This massage style is performed fully nude for both of you and includes massages to your private areas. You can read more about our authentic Tantric massage services here.

Prostate massage

While prostate massage is not a full body massage it is extremely pleasurable and is the most intense massage that we offer here at hotel massage.

A prostate massage involves the masseuse placing a lubricated finger in your bottom and massaging your prostate gland. This is akin to getting your male g spot stimulated! While a happy ending is better here you can enjoy this with a full service also.

Body to body massage

If you are used to a more traditional massage but want to try something new then a body to body massage could be perfect for you! Having its roots in traditional massage therapy. A b2b massage is a perfect way to achieve this and fits perfectly with full service.

You can read more about this welcoming and exciting massage style on our website.

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is an exciting massage technique. And is the perfect mixture of pleasure and excitement designed to squeeze pleasure from every part of your body.

Sensual massage

Sensual massage is a close and intimate encounter that is the perfect close and personal massage filled with passion and desire with you both being fully naked and mutually touching each other’s naked bodies. And is absolutely perfect with full service or a happy ending.

Incall or outcall?

did you know we offer both an incall and outcall service in London and Central London? But we specialise in hotel massages predominantly. This is where the magic happens and the masseuses love this option. And is the best way to enjoy your session. The perfect full service massage London is just a phone call away today and all night long.

Outcall full service

Outcall means that you host the beautiful masseuse of your choice at your home or hotel room in the Central London area and it means you won’t have to travel to our massage parlour. This means more time to relax and rest up while your sexy masseuse arrives in the sexiest of lingerie but always in a discreet setting.

While outcall costs a little bit more since you are paying for the masseuse’s transport to your location. It’s totally worth it and we service all major hotels in London including budget and luxurious offerings!


Incall is where you visit the massage parlour yourself via an appointment and this can save a bit of cash towards any extras you wish to have. Our incall parlour is open every day from 10:00 AM till 03:00 including weekends and bank holidays and is a great place to receive your massage and full service session in a relaxing environment.

Our sessions

Our sessions usually are designed to be an hour long as this gives your plenty of time for the session the full service and any other fun you might desire. And is the perfect length of time!

Shorter sessions can be given on an incall basis only. Please keep this in mind when making an appointment with us.

Making an outcall full service booking with us

It’s super simple to make a booking with us and our friendly reception team will answer any questions you might have. We run an appointment-based service. And you must keep your allocated appointment time or let us know if you are running late.

You can expect the best massage that the amazing city of London has to offer. And at hours that suit your needs. We love to see our clients visiting from all over the UK to come back each week and give them the excitement and pleasure they crave.

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