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Open today 23rd July 2024 from 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM.

Ever wanted a massage dedicated all about your penis? A true and tested session that has been used for centuries. And is an amazing experience that keeps you coming back time and time for the ultimate enjoyment.

What is a lingam massage

A Lingam massage is super exciting. And the ancient technique has been around for centuries and is from Sanskrit origin. Choose from the hottest and most beautiful masseuses that you can find in London. A lingam massage explores your private areas and all around this area. Giving you an amazing massage service that your whole body will thank you for.

You see a Lingam massage is so much more than a massage based on your penis. It melts away the stress and the everyday grind and captures you directly at the moment. For a mind blowing experience that you can count on any time of day. This massage focuses not just on your penis but also your thighs and legs to help with muscle tension and tired muscles.

What can a lingam massage help with?

A Lingam massage can help with lots of things mentally to help your well being and help with a whole host of sensual and relaxation. But most of all it’s extremely pleasurable and pleasure means relaxation! You can feel a boost in your energy levels and energy flow and you can feel the sexual energy build up until the great release!

Choosing the perfect Lingam massage service providers

We have an excellent selection of beautiful Asian ladies all ready to give you a super sexy Lingam massage to your needs. You can view some of the most exclusive and sexiest ladies ready to see you within an hour!

Below is just a snapshot of some of the beautiful and exclusive ladies that we work and you will not find them on any other sites on the internet! So if you are looking for the tree authentic best techniques.

The perfect hotel Lingam massage experience

Ready to book your outcall adventure with us and enjoy the finer things in life? Our lingam massage service providers are available to rock your world in as little as 45 minutes. Ready to meet you at your hotel room always in a discreet manner.

Outcall means no travelling to our incall parlour, more comfort leaving you to focus on the physical side of things that will defiantly get intense! You can relax at your location in a big comfy bed and get yourself in the mood with the female masseuse of your dreams.

When booking for an outcall session please have your location and hotel name postcode ready for the reception team and we can get you booked in ASAP.


Lingam compared to other massages that we offer

Tantric massage vs Lingam massage

Lingam massage is not a full body massage it just simply but amazing focuses on your penis! Tantric or Tantra massage is a full body massage that your whole body will get benefits from.

Our Tantric massage services is an exciting service that is true to authentic roots that have been around for decades and is a mixture of slow and fast paced strokes that your naked body will defiantly enjoy and goes along nicely with full service.

A lingam massage London experience. Is best enjoyed with a happy ending. But can be enjoyed with a full service package. If you are looking for a pleasurable full body massage and unforgettable tantric massage London with us is the way to go for true Tantric techniques!

Sensual Massage vs Lingam massage

Sensual massage is also a full body massage in London that we offer. And is extremely popular just like Lingam massages, Sensual massages build on the close and intimate to give you a completely satisfying time that your entire body benefits from and is the best massage to really connect to your masseuse. And can be enjoyed with full service or a happy ending too just like a Lingam massage that focuses on your manhood and really open your senses.

Prostate Massage vs Lingam Massage

These are completely different massages and involve different ways to give you the utmost pleasure and excitement.

That you will always remember. A prostate massage might not be for everyone as it involves placing a lubricated finger in your bottom for the ultimate pleasure as it involves massaging of your prostate gland which is akin to having your male g spot explored (this shouldn’t cause any pain), both lingam massage and prostate massage are perfect with the cheaper happy ending.

A prostate massage also helps with health problems that you might not even know you are struggling with. But this is not guaranteed. Including the likes of premature ejaculation and healing and other health benefits.

If you want to take a step out of your comfort zone and experience something deeper and more pleasurable than a lingam massage then a prostate massage could be the perfect fit for you.

Making an outcall Lingam massage booking with us

Making an appointment with us is super simple and easy and can be done by simply giving our reception a quick call with your location. Our clients love the flexibility of outcall and the benefits it processes. So if you are ready to be taken on a relaxing yet spiritual journey filled with the orgasm you desire from our trained masseuses we are just a phone call away day or night!

We only take bookings on the day so please call on the day you desire your booking to commence. And we only accept cash payments for our services. For more information about all of this please speak to our reception team.

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