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Open today 28th May 2024 from 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM.

Nuru massage is defiantly the most fun you can have in London! This massage therapy is trued by our clients all over London

What is a nuru massage?

A Nuru massage is a type of massage that takes advantage of the authentic Nuru gel that has been used for centuries in Japan. And at our massage service we only use this to give you the best experience time and time again.

Nuru massage is always a full naked experience for both you and the masseuse. And it involves using the gel all over each other’s bodies! Just like a massage gel. But what makes nuru so special is the gel it leaves no residue or mess and is made from Nori which is brown seaweed. So it’s perfect for them naughty lunchtime rendevous or when you don’t have much time. If you are looking for true excitement then booking a nuru massage London experience with us is defiantly the right way to go.

Choosing your perfect Asian masseuse for the perfect Nuru massage

We have a great selection of the hottest Asian ladies on this site ready to tease, excite and give you the hottest full body nuru massage session you can crave. Finding the perfect Asian woman to have a session with is really simple!

Since Nuru massage originates from Japan you are always known to have a good time with a beautiful Japanese masseuse from this site! Here is a selection of some of the sexiest and most gorgeous masseuses that we offer and some of the most exclusive nuru fantasy girls around!

The perfect outcall Nuru session

Staying in a hotel in London? And would love for the masseuse to visit you. That’s right the masseuse you choose from the gallery can visit you in your hotel room day or night for the ultimate nuru experience or any other massage that you might choose.

We service all hotels around the Central London area this could be anywhere including places like Marble Arch, the City of London, Mayfair, Paddington, Soho and other various locations across London that are popular.

And it doesn’t matter if you are staying in a budget hotel or a luxury suite your masseuse will arrive discreetly at your door usually within an hour. What are you waiting for? Book your amazing Nuru massage in London with us today.

We do also offer an incall massage service. Please speak to our friendly reception team by contacting them by phone.

Why is a Nuru massage so pleasurable?

It’s the ancient techniques at play. That makes Nuru massage so popular. And it originates in Japan for the ultimate experience that is renowned the world over these days. It’s a full body massage but has a huge emphasis on your private parts to stimulate and excite your whole body bringing your closer and closer to climax. If you don’t believe us come and try this unique slippery massage!

Can a nuru massage help with your health?

Not officially but at the end of the day it is a massage! So there could be some relief from sore muscles, aches and pains, tension and stress but this is not the main aim of this unique experience. But you will not be getting a ‘professional massage’ that you might find with a therapist at a spa.

Why choose a massage with your happy ending or full service?

Massages are used to bring excitement. And to make you feel comfortable during your session you might be relaxed mentally but your body can tell a different story and it really goes a long way to creating an amazing experience with the beautiful women from this site.

Nuru massage vs other massages

You might have heard of other adult massages before and might even have partaken in some yourself. But how do these compare?

Erotic massage vs Nuru massage

Both have the same fundamentals but are different on how they are performed mainly due to the massage oils that are used for each massage both are applied warm and not hot oils are used but Nuru gel is obviously the better of the two compared to an Erotic massage.

Fundamentally they are quite similar and share a full body massage experience that can be enjoyed by anyone new or regular to the world of adult massages.

Tantric Massage vs Nuru Massage

Tantric massage/ Tantra massage is another experience that is extremely popular in London and very popular with our massage service. Tantric and Nuru are completely different massages but are both full-body massages and both are performed nude

Tantric massage is performed by specialised Tantric therapists. And all the adult massage therapists on this site specialise in the authentic side of this massage.

You can read our Tantric massage guide and how it can be just the session you are looking for on our website. Find your perfect secret tantric massage tonight on our website.

Sensual Massage vs Nuru Massage

Sensual massages are designed to be close and intimate and in this new world that we live in we could all do with some intimacy in our lives.

Nuru massage is designed to be intimate but more fast-paced and sexual! Both are amazing massages and both really offer the pleasure and relaxation you are looking for so you can’t really go wrong. Open up a sensual world of pleasure tonight.

Prostate Massage vs Nuru Massage

Prostate massages are designed from the ground up to be super sexy and give you the most pleasure compared to all the other services that we offer.

Prostate massages work on the basis of the masseuse placing a finger inside your bottom and massaging your prostate gland. This opens your body up to a world of raw pleasure that is unmatched by anything seen before and all of our masseuses are experts in this kind of massage.

Prostate massage can also help with things like premature ejaculation and prostate problems and is more targeted to overall pleasure than a Nuru massage but a Nuru session is less intrusive.

Body to body massage vs Nuru massage

Body to body massages or B2B massages are the perfect way to indulge in an exciting massage and it’s basically Nuru without the gel. It can be the perfect entry to the world of adult massages if you are used to more traditional massages.

Your entire body is satisfied just like a nuru massage and is always fully nude. But without the excellent nuru gel that is used during a truly authentic Nuru session.

How to make a booking for the best Outcall Nuru massage in London

We make the booking process so simple and easy and it’s just a quick phone call to our reception team who can get you booked in and answer any questions you might have about the masseuses or services that we provide.

Booking for outcall?

Please have your location and hotel name ready for the reception team who can give you an instant quote and how long it would take for the masseuse to arrive. This can be at any hotel or private home in the London area but Central London is best.

Some popular areas in London include:

  • Paddington
  • Soho
  • Mayfair
  • Kensington and South Kensington
  • Marylebone
  • Westminster

And much more just give us a call with your location and we will get you booked for your appointment. We only accept bookings on the day so please call on the day you wish to receive your exciting nuru massage.

Please try and keep your allotted time slot and be ready to answer the door when the masseuse arrives. She will always arrive fully discreetly and only you will see the sexy lingerie underneath!

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