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Open today 16th April 2024 from 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM.

The art of prostate massage is usually shrouded in mystery. Not many people know what exactly entails and why it’s so pleasurable. Here you can learn all about this technique and what it can do for you. It’s the perfect massage to indulge in pleasure.

Choosing the best prostate massage therapist for you

We have a wide range of beautiful Chinese, Japanese and Korean ladies all ready to give you either an incall or outcall prostate massage in London today!

Explore a snapshot of our gallery below or view all the masseuses on our website.

What is a prostate massage?

A prostate massage is a deeply satisfying massage that can give you extreme pleasure and help with both emotional and physical stress to find a deeper understanding of what true pleasure should feel like! By the masseuse massaging your g spot or your sacred spot.

This shouldn’t cause any pain only stimulation.

How is a prostate massage performed?

A prostate massage is performed by the masseuse placing a lubricated finger into your bottom and massaging your prostate gland now this might sound a bit intimidating but it’s not painful or strange. And is always extremely pleasurable.

The health benefits of a prostate massage

While the benefits to your health are not guaranteed and a prostate massage should not be a substitute for visiting a trained healthcare professional for medical purposes. If you have strange symptoms see a doctor!

There are many healthy things that a prostate massage could help with including the likes of erectile dysfunction and an enlarged prostate, urine flow, prostatitis, blood flow and other problems that can arise from problems with the prostate.

This process is helped by a process called prostate milking and is extremely good for you and a popular treatment. Who knew pleasure could promote good prostate health? Just by getting your anal area massaged right?

Who can receive our prostate massage therapy?

If you are male over the age of 18 and in London then we can offer you a same-day appointment to suit your needs and let you fully enjoy the London prostate massage session that we provide to you and our clients.

The perfect outcall session for you

Did you know we specialise in offering the hottest prostate massages in your hotel room? That’s right we have plenty of experience in offering you the dream outcall experience. Your masseuse will arrive discreetly at your hotel room and be ready for the fun to begin.

Our outcall sessions start at an hour-long which gives you plenty of time for your session any extras and time for you to really connect to your masseuse.

If you are in Central London we can service your hotel just simply call us with your hotel name for reception and we get the booking service starting.

Prostate massage vs Other Services

We know prostate massage might not be for everyone so that’s we offer a range of other massages too. These are a wide range of sessions that will satisfy every curiosity. From the full-body massage therapy to other specialized massages. Let’s explore what you would like to have.

Firstly prostate massage therapy is not something you will find at a spa and all of our massages exhibit a sexual touch. And the masseuses are not trained, professionals.

Prostate massage vs Tantric massage

With a Tantric massage, you will get the full body orgasm you crave just like a prostate massage just less intense but it is still an amazing experience all done to the true and test Tantric philosophy. With full body massages relaxation is the aim of the game. Both are perfect with a happy ending! And Tantric massage is really exciting with full service too!

Prostate massage vs Sensual Massage

A sensual massage is about creating intimacy and is not all about pleasure. A sensual massage is a full body relaxing massage that massages every part of you from head to toe including your penis. While a prostate massage although therapeutic is focused on pleasure and is designed to stimulate the male g spot. If you are looking for true relaxation with sexual benefits a sensual massage could be right for you.

Prostate massage vs Erotic massage

Erotic massage is a type of full body massage that is filled with excitement and can be performed with massage oil for extra feelings all around your body. Compared to a prostate massage they are completely different but will both give you the satisfaction you crave! You can read more about Erotic massage therapy on our Erotic massage London page.

Prostate massage vs Nuru massage

Nuru massage is akin to a sensual or erotic massage and is a full body massage experience filled with pleasure and delight. Nuru is a bit different than these massages due to the gel that is used to give you a truly wonderful experience from start to finish you can read more about Nuru massage on our Nuru massage London page!

Making an outcall prostate massage booking with us

It’s super simple to make an appointment a reality with us and it’s as simple as calling our super friendly reception team who will help with any questions you might have and the best services and masseuses for you.

We are open daily including weekends and bank holidays from the hours of 10:00 AM till 03:00 for bookings but we only accept bookings on the day.

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