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Why A Lingam Massage Can Improve Your Sex Life

It’s slow, it’s thrilling and guys, it’s all about you. A lingam massage is an erotic massage designed specifically for male pleasure. It involves slow, sensual massage of the lingam, known in layman’s terms as the penis, which is not only pleasurable, but it’s intensely relaxing – near enough therapeutic, in fact.

So what is a lingam massage?

A lingam massage is a branch of erotic massage. ‘Lingam’ is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to ‘wand of light’. The Ancient Indians believed that the penis was sacred as it was partially responsible for creating life. There are even phallic sculptures placed at the entrance of temples because the penis is viewed as the Symbol of Life and the symbol of Shiva, a Hindu god.

Like any other erotic massage types, it stimulates the sexual areas and builds arousal up towards a physical release. However unlike other erotic massages, it focuses purely and explicitly on the most erogenous area of all: the penis. Other erotic massages tend to stimulate the whole body as well as the sexual areas to build arousal, but a lingam is much more direct. As a result, many men experience multiple orgasms. With a lingam massage, mind-blowing, eye-rolling pleasure is guaranteed. Handjobs will never feel the same again!

What happens during a lingam massage?

The lingam massage has one crucial purpose – to create the most intense arousal and orgasm for a man through the stimulation of his penis and related sexual areas. Although it’s very male-focused, it’s certainly not a one-way avenue. The masseuse receives just as much pleasure as the receiver and a lingam massage is a perfect form of foreplay – the prelude before intercourse.

The Kamasutra, which is arguably the manual for worldly pleasure that’s revolutionised the face of relationships, described a specific process for a lingam massage.


Before you delve into the massage, you need to prepare. Choose an appropriate place for the massage to take place. It doesn’t need to be a professional massage table but it should be somewhere that’s roomy enough for the masseuse to move around. An air mattress or a comfortable floor space is perfect if you don’t want to cover your bedsheets in massage oils. Mood is very important for any form of erotic massage, because only when you’re relaxed will you be able to become aroused and experience pleasure. Think about room temperature and lighting. It should be cool as opposed to warm (the more aroused you get, the more you’ll breathe and the warmer the air will become) but not so cold that you’re shivering. The lighting should be dim but not so much that you can’t see what you’re doing, or too blindingly bright. It’s more arousing to be able to just see what’s going on – a hint of a naked hip, a flash of a breast, that sort of thing. And of course, as with any erotic massage, it’s best to be naked or semi-naked.


Start the session with a full body massage. Keep the massage oil floating in a bowl of hot water, because warm oil feels best on skin. Don’t apply oil directly to skin – always rub it between your palms to warm it up before rubbing it onto your partner. When you’re working on the back (so your partner is lying face down), make sure to always work down the body. Start at the neck and slowly move down. Use varying pressures and parts of your hand. For example, light, probing fingers are best for the neck, digging thumbs feel best on the shoulders and using flat palms is best for larger areas like the back and legs. During this initial body massage, try to pay extra attention to stressed areas (typically the shoulders, neck and lower back).

Just before it’s time to flip your partner over, seductively slide your hands in between his legs – giving him a taste of what’s to come.

The good bit

Flip your partner onto his back. At this point, he should be quite aroused. His lingam will likely be quite excited, but you can make it even happier. Reapply more oil (always rub it between your hands first) and start gently massaging the testicles. Light fingertips and circular thumb movements work best here. Then move onto the scrotum and perineum (the area between the testicles and anus), running your fingers up and down. After this, start slowly running your fingers up and down the shaft before grasping it. Vary the speed, pressure and direction, and alternate hands.  Work all the way up to the tip and massage all around it.

In Tantra, it’s believed that nerve endings in the lingam are linked to different internal parts of the body. Tantric practitioners believe that a good lingam massage can cure many illnesses. It’s normal for the lingam to swing from softness to hardness. He’ll be feeling a variety of pleasures, riding waves of enjoyment.

The goal isn’t orgasm, although it’s welcomed. If it seems as though he’s going to ejaculate, back off and slow right down. The best lingam massages are when the pleasure is prolonged, so your aim is to stretch the arousal out as long as you can. Learning to control ejaculation is an art. Deep breathing is vital. When men know how to successfully hold off ejaculation, they can experience deep continuous pleasure, make love for as long as they want and even have multiple orgasms. Long story short, ejaculation mastery greatly expands a man’s sexual potential.

Variation is vital

It’s important to practise a variety of movements at different pressures. There are many you could use but here are some examples:

Using one hand or both
Swapping hands
Using fingers, thumbs, palms or whole hands
Mixture of fast and slow tempo
Upward and downward pumps
Fanning or using circular movements

Using these movements either on their own or a combination form the basis of a good lingam massage and will take your man on an orgasmic journey of a lifetime. By the end, your bond will be much stronger. In some ways, the saying “the journey is more important than the destination” is a great way to describe a tantric lingam massage. By practising lingam, incorporating it into your romantic life and learning to control pleasure, both of you can experience a more varied, fulfilling sex life.

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