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I Got a Happy Ending Massage at Heathrow And I Loved It


Happy ending massage scenarios feature pretty regularly in my fantasies and probably in the dreams of many other men. Shrouded in scandal and mystery, happy ending massages are a mixture of truth, half-truths and urban legend. Really, it’s no wonder they’ve captured the interest of men, particularly in this age of hook-ups and wealth of Internet porn. For the less informed, a happy ending massage is a massage that starts off normal, takes a turn for the erotic, you get aroused and then you get a happy ending in the form of a mind-blowing orgasm.

And how do I know? Because, well…this is awkward but I had a happy ending massage a few months ago. It was notorious, salacious and terribly sexy. And I don’t regret a single moment of it.

My Heathrow Massage Story

It all started when I was at London Heathrow Airport. I was on my way to Los Angeles for a conference and was waiting for a connecting flight. As I sat in the lounge, I scrambled my brain for things to do. I can’t just sit here for the entirety of the layby period. Not at all five hours and 25 minutes of it. Then something another passenger had said to me came into my head. As I was waiting in the queue at Costa, I got talking to a suit-clad businessman behind me. He told me the last time he was waiting for a connecting flight, he got an Asian massage to pass the time.

“And it definitely did pass the time because it wasn’t just a massage if you know what I’m saying! Talk about soul satisfaction,” he told me conspiratorially.

I’d laughed, thinking he was drunk because there was no way you could get an erotic massage in such a reputable area of London. Right? Wrong. Back at the lounge, I’d begun researching and as it turns out, there was such a thing as an outcall service. That’s where the masseuse comes to you instead of you going to find a parlour. But I couldn’t exactly get this soul satisfying massage in the lounge of Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3, could I? I could get a hotel! Within 15 minutes, I’d booked a suite at the Sofitel (nights like these deserve luxury) and a girl “with magic hands” would be there within the hour. Was it really that easy?

One hour and seven minutes later, I was standing in this luxurious king suite looking down into the smiling, brown eyes of a petite Asian girl with a pretty elfin face. The massage started off like a regular one, but it felt more exciting because I knew what was to come. With just a tiny towel draped over my backside, feeling the masseuse’s soft hands running up and down my legs, I lay there trying not to get too aroused too quickly. It was hard considering she was dressed in a tiny bikini, sensually rubbing me all over. Occasionally, she’d graze her soft breasts against my shoulder.

It was spine tingling, to say the least. It was like going to the hairdresser’s and getting your hair cut by an extra flirty girl. You know – the one who’d be a bit too giggly and bit too touchy-feely?

All of a sudden, she slipped her hands between my legs and between my buttocks. And then her hands were under me and I was flipped onto my back. Oh! She began massaging the front of my shoulders and moved down my chest. Her wandering hands suddenly stopped just short of my nether regions. They began circling as though they were going to venture there but there was an invisible barrier.

“Do you do extra services?” I asked somewhat timidly. Internally, I kicked myself. Why was I so nervous?

“For the right customer,” she said, seductively leaning towards me. “Will that be you?”

Without even waiting for an answer, her hand pulled away the towel and began touching me. God, she was talented. Her hands found all the right places, touching me in places I didn’t even know could turn me on. And all this time I’d thought I was the most acquainted person with my private area!

It felt amazing and suddenly all the women I’d ever been with were put to shame. Within five minutes, I’d climaxed. I was overexcited but she had magic hands, and it’s no exaggeration when I say it’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had.

“If you come back, feel free to ask for Viv and I’ll give you a surprise, okay?” she told me, smiling as she tidied up.

I was definitely going to come back next time I was stuck at Heathrow Airport with nothing to do. I loved the experience. I tipped her £20. She looked confused and asked if I didn’t enjoy her massage. Of course I did. I gave her another £30.

“Now you’ve shown me you like my massage,” she said, winking gleefully at me.

Before I’d received a happy ending Asian massage, I’d heard they were good but there’s such a negative stigma about them. It wasn’t seedy or sleazy and it certainly wasn’t smutty at all. Viv was completely professional, only touching me in those areas after asking realising it was okay with me.

There are a lot of stories about these masseuses being illegal immigrants and/or being forced into this line of work. Viv told me it was true to an extent – some girls were in those situations – but for many, it was a choice. They enjoyed the erotic masseuse life.

And after she’d left, I lay back in my soft king-size hotel bed, feeling utterly relaxed. I was so chilled! Even when I was back at the airport, the unruly toddler throwing a tantrum didn’t bother me. I was in an impenetrable bubble of tranquillity. My body felt airy and my muscles were light. The happy ending massage provided more than just pleasure. And as a guy who felt stress pretty easily, this felt grand.  I have a girlfriend now, so sadly I can’t enjoy another professional happy ending massage. But my experience was once-in-a lifetime and I’m eternally grateful for the suit-clad gentleman, whoever you may be, who pointed me towards one. If you ever get the chance to experience such a massage, it’s a fantasy you can’t miss – I can guarantee it.

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