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How a Happy Ending Massage Can Save Your Marriage


Most people know that a ‘happy ending’ is a sleazy alias for an orgasm, so a happy ending massage is one that involves sexual acts and ends in an orgasm. It’s near-impossible to Google a happy ending massage, even just for a definition, without coming across pages and pages of pornographic links. Because of all this, it’s understandable if you are against your partner getting one of these massages from someone that’s not you. It sounds like cheating and not too far removed from prostitution, right?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about happy ending massages. Because they have such a scandalous exterior and an ‘illegal’ kind of vibe around them, people are unwilling to try one. We often assume people who do get them are perverts or the people no-one wants to have sex with so they turn to prostitutes for solace. In reality, happy ending massages are less about sex for pleasure and more about using the power of sex to cure a variety of physical and psychological illnesses.

Losing chemistry in a relationship

One of the main reasons behind the breakdown of a relationship is the irreversible loss of spark. The chemistry you once had, the butterflies in your stomach and that connection between you – when it seems like it will never come back, that’s when you know your relationship can’t be saved. Or that’s you think. A happy ending massage can actually help with that.

I know, I know. A happy ending massage is like a dirty, little secret. It sounds like cheating. But hear me out. If you’ve never had a happy ending massage (and chances are if you’re reading this, you never have) everything you know about this massage is based on what you’ve seen in films and on TV, porn and hearsay. And we all know they’re all staged and dramatized for entertainment.

Yes, a happy ending massage is very sexual, but this is what you need. If you feel like your sex life with your partner is bland or even non-existent, a happy ending massage can help you rediscover your sexuality. It can help you discover parts on your body that you didn’t know had the ability to turn you on but do. It can help you embrace your kinky side and learn to experiment with different scenarios other than the standard foreplay-then-sex routine. Ultimately, a happy ending massage can help you enhance you and your partner’s sexual experiences, and reignite that long-lost fire.

Have better sex and orgasms

Sex is fun, but even fun things can lose their novelty when you follow the same routine on a regular basis. When your standard foreplay-then-intercourse ritual is starting to bore you, sex may start to seem like a chore. You’d rather do other things, like watch TV or see your friends. At least they present a bit of variety, right? Agony aunts may advise you to try role-play, but many people aren’t confident enough to try it. Also, role-play is very 50 Shades of Grey, and many people immediately think of head-to-toe latex, whips and a dominatrix personality.

Happy ending massage can bring about all of the excitement, pleasure and gratification of role-play but without any of the pain and there’s no confidence needed! As well as showing you the parts of your body you didn’t know could turn you on, a happy ending masseuse can help you practise sexual control. During a happy ending massage session, the masseuse will use techniques designed to arouse you and slowly bring you to the edge of orgasm. But just before you peak, she’ll stop and bring you back down. Then she’ll repeat this several times. The point of this is to maintain a constant state of heightened arousal by edging along the orgasm.

A happy ending massage will force you to fully utilise your self-control. You’ll come out with a boosted sex drive, less chance of experiencing sexual impotence or premature ejaculation and that means more intense, longer-lasting orgasms for both you and your partner!

Happy endings are motivating, inspiring and release stress

We underestimate the power that sexual frustration has on our daily lives. Have you ever noticed that you feel more satisfied, fulfilled and jaunty with a skip in your step after a good sexual session? Sex and orgasms have that effect on people! When we orgasm, our bodies release a bunch of feel-good hormones into the bloodstream that stabilise mood, reduce anxiety and motivate you to work towards goals that pleasure you.

A happy ending massage can help you feel this way, inspiring you to want to recreate the sensation with your partner. This newfound motivation can help to save your relationship and rekindle the spark. And there’s no need to feel embarrassed – the therapists are professionals who have trained for years in the art of providing pleasure for medicinal purposes. They will always maintain a certain level of professionalism.

If you want to save your relationship and counselling, books and agony aunts aren’t getting you anywhere, try a happy ending massage. Have a look at our rates for happy ending massage london therapies on our service pages

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