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Why a Happy Ending Massage is Good For Stress

Stress is the product of many things but sexual frustration is one of the biggest causes. As a society, we know this. After all, how many times have we joked that an irked co-worker or an irritable boss clearly isn’t getting enough action? When left to pile up, sexual frustration can have detrimental effects on mood and negatively affect our daily working life.

It’s true that stress can be brought on by unfavourable situations such as an argument with a co-worker, lack of money and pending bills, job redundancy or a stack of work that just keeps piling up. It might even be a combination of all of these things. But when sexual frustration is added to the mix, it can get a bit toxic.

How can a happy ending massage work?

A happy ending massage is basically known within circles as a massage that ends with an orgasm – the ‘happy ending’. It uses erotic techniques that are meant to arouse the body, mostly focused on the sexual areas, and work towards an orgasmic release that is both pleasurable and relieving.

Unlike normal massage therapy which mainly works on the nonsexual areas of the body like the back, torso and legs, erotic happy ending massages work on the whole body. This includes the sexual areas. Many people find themselves becoming aroused during normal massage therapy – this is totally normal because touch is very relaxing and tends to make the mind drift.

Erotic massage actually addresses this arousal, unlike normal massages. This means that clients can leave feeling totally fulfilled. Tension is held all over the body, typically in the back and shoulders so this is what normal massages work on. However tension is also stored in the sexual areas so when left alone, it builds up and people don’t often notice because it’s in such an unassuming place. But when it reaches a significant point, the sexual frustration can start to affect daily life. That’s when you know it’s time to try an erotic massage.

Why are orgasms so good for you?

A happy ending (orgasm) is a physical representation of stress relief. That’s why they are so much more effective than normal massages. When you experience an orgasm, you are left relaxed, free of anxieties, content and even a little bit tired. That’s because during the build up to and during an orgasm, a cocktail of feel-good hormones are released into the bloodstream:

Serotonin – mood stabiliser
Dopamine – activates the brain’s pleasure centre so makes you more motivated to work towards things that will pleasure you (e.g. success)
Oxytocin – very calming and promotes formation of relationship bonds between partners
Prolactin – reduces anxiety

In short, nature made us this way and orgasms are meant to make you feel good!

And they lived happily ever after

A happy ending massage can even do wonders for failing relationships. Relationships often break down due to the lack of spark between partners which then leads to lack of interest and communication. You just stop caring. A happy ending massage can help you reignite that fire and motivate you to want to save your marriage (remember the benefits of an orgasm!). A professional therapist can show you the different techniques that are strangely arousing, which would be great if you think your sex life is becoming dull and repetitive. The therapy can help you embrace your sexuality and discover new parts of your body that you didn’t know could arouse you. Sex doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

Discover new levels of pleasure

A happy ending massage is more than just sexually satisfying. It can allow you to experience deeper, longer-lasting and more powerful orgasms, which can do wonders for your sex life and stamina. It can allow you to reconnect your mind with your body and expand your spiritual awareness.

To experience these benefits, book yourself in for a happy ending massage london therapy From £140, it’s too good to pass up!

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