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A tasteful tantric massage

Lubricant, in theory, is a gift from the Gods. It enhances many of our sex lives, in particular, those moments when we are too drunk or too nervous to create our own juices, it does the job for us! And can really heighten the experience.

Let’s be real, people probably do not use it enough, and I don’t know why! No matter how amazing you think your sex was, it would have been even more amazing with even just a little drop of lube. It should be a part of your normal sexual routine and you will definitely have more fun in the bedroom using it so what’s the problem?

However, when it comes to flavoured lube and even flavoured condoms, why just WHY?  Why is this a thing in this day and age?

I must admit, I was always a big fan of using it with my ex-girlfriend. It sweetened things up for us, literally and I guess it just made things a little bit more adventurous for us. However, it got to the point where we could only have sex using some sort of candy-flavoured lube to lather all over each other. It was only until recently when we broke up and I decided to visit an Asian massage parlour in central London that the attentive masseuse explained to me just why it was stupid to use, and how sex was better with regular unflavored lubricant. This left me believing that flavoured lubricant was in fact rather offensive, childish and ridiculous. Since then, I have stopped using it and I definitely agree that my sex life is more fulfilling than it has ever been.

is tantric massage for everyone

Here are a number of reasons why my tantric massage masseuse taught me that non-flavoured lube is better than flavoured lube;



  • It is messy Why would you seriously want thick, sticky, Coca-Cola flavoured liquid all up in your pubes? That is a pain to get rid of.
  • Odours are natural a vagina and a penis both have their own, unique natural smell that you should not be ashamed of. As long as you are clean, there is no reason for you to be embarrassed by how you smell down there. It is NORMAL for your downstairs to smell a bit, it is NOT NORMAL for your vagina or penis to smell like strawberry laces.
  • Sex is about giving if you can’t give your man a blow job or your girl a lick without getting a sugar rush then you need a reality check. Sex is about giving and pleasuring your partner and receiving those amazing thrills in return.  It is about expressing your love and passion for that person, no matter what the taste or smell. If a sugary treat is what you want, then perhaps opt for an ice lolly instead?
  • It is better for you A penis a day keeps the dentist away!



A great way to get away from your flavoured lubricant addiction (what worked for me) was by enjoying a sexual experience with a professionally trained tantric masseuse. They know exactly what is good for you, and to be honest, with them often lube is not required. However, when it is, they use natural, special lube on your penis and also all over your body. It is a thrilling, sensual experience. 

If you are looking for your own tasty Tantric Massage visit our Tantric Massage London service page or simply call our hotline for a booking. 07818115228

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