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How To Tell If You’re Getting a Legitimate Tantric Massage

Updated 21/05/2024

Tantric massage is one of the most popular and in demand styles of erotic Asian massage in London and the Western world. And because it’s so sought after, there are many parlours that claim to offer real tantric massage sessions but are actually fobbing clients off with half-trained therapists who are more concerned with making money than client satisfaction trying to allure clients. Sometimes, the masseuses aren’t trained at all and offer sexual services disguised as tantric massages. Because the world of erotic massage is seen as salacious and scandalous, many people assume it’s amok with prostitution. In reality, tantric massage is a special art that practitioners learn for years before practising. Here’s how to tell if you’re getting a fake or legitimate tantric massage and book the right choice for the perfect experience.

It’s often very rush and there is clock watching

This is the first and most obvious tell-tale sign or a bad Tantric Massage. Tantric massage is one of the slowest types of massage therapy that currently exists. It’s derived from tantra, which is an Ancient Indian practice of meditation that is meant to rebalance the energies in the body and in the process, calm the mind and relax the body just like a therapeutic massage experience. Tantra believes that the body is made up of a collection of energies and blockage results in illness and stress. Unfortunately, blockage is quite common but regularly practising tantra keeps these energies flowing freely through the body and provide relief. Tantric massage follows this principle but in addition to the meditation, it also features manual therapy. Manipulating the body’s surfaces actively stimulates energy flow. But it has to be slow in order to ensure every part of the body receives a supply of vital energy. Tantric massage is also concerned with taking the person to a higher level of consciousness and spirituality. This doesn’t happen in five minutes. It might not even happen after an hour. So if the session feels very rushed, then it’s probably not legitimate. But a Tantric massage should also provide a sexual relief which really sets itself apart from other massage experiences.

It doesn’t follow a specific routine

Tantric massage is very ritualistic. It typically opens with a ceremonial procedure. It varies from therapist to therapist, but usually, it’s a series of breathing exercises that are easy to learn and master, sitting opposite each other, holding hands and focusing on syncing your breathing with the masseuse’s. This helps to connect your spirits, forge a strong bond and take you to a higher level of awareness. Without this precise ritual, such things cannot happen. So if the session seems jumpy and disconnected, it’s probably not a proper tantric massage and you are not getting the proper benefits and true experience.

They are obsessed with happy endings

If the masseuse is very focused on your sexual area and not much else, it’s probably not a proper tantric session. In tantric massage, orgasm is not the ultimate goal. It does pay particular attention to the sexual areas and arousal, but orgasm is a welcome side effect rather than a specific goal. Tantric massage is about taking your mind to a different world and separating your mind from your body. It will be very ritualistic and slowly build up arousal. Orgasm will be delayed multiple times and you will be kept on the edge of ejaculation for a prolonged period of time. We did say tantric massage is an extremely slow massage!

There are ‘girls’ and not ‘therapists’, ‘masseuses’ or ‘practitioners’

Tantric massage is a very prestigious art and very particular about its rules. It is a practice that cannot be learnt overnight. How many of us can successfully edge along the brink of an orgasm for an hour? And how many of us can keep someone there? This is what tantric practitioners learn during their intensive studies, which are usually years-long and even after that, they are required to top up their knowledge after certain periods. For this reason, the masseuses are never referred to as “girls”. They are therapists, practitioners and masseuses, because this is their profession. This is what makes them so distinct from escorts and prostitutes. But it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a happy ending as it makes the whole experience into a real mind-blowing experience.

It doesn’t feel like a proper massage

If the therapist merely strokes your body, applying a little bit pressure here and there, and then suddenly starts on your groin, it’s not a tantric massage. As mentioned before, the therapists have studied for years and are trained in the art of massage therapy, so they know how to properly manipulate the muscles and tissues of the human body. They are also very passionate about their profession and will never pay fleeting attention to the body. Tantric massage isn’t just about sexual gratification either. It’s about efficient energy flow and bringing harmony between the mind and body. The only way to do this to slowly and deeply stimulate the whole body, and balance this with sexual arousal.

So there you go – some of the tell-tale signs of a sexual service disguised as a tantric massage. Have you ever experienced any of these? If you want to try a real tantric massage, try our outcall London service from £140 an hour. Have a look at our rates here on our tantric massage in kings cross page.

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