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Secrets to a 5* Prostate massage

We will let you in on some of the best 5* Prostate Massage secrets

Prostate massages are a very intimate act, and it can leave the recipient feeling very exposed and vulnerable. These anxious feelings are one of the reasons that prostate massages have such a taboo around them. Many men are too scared to not only try them, but they are also apprehensive about even asking for more information about this unique massage style.

The unknown is always daunting and scary; however, we often find that when we just go for things, they are never as bad as we had initially anticipated. That goes for massages such as the prostate massage too. Our aim is to educate and provide more information about the sexual and health benefits that prostate massage therapy can have for you, as well as the different ways you can perform them and also how to prepare mentally and physically for one.

We thought the best way to provide you with this information was to speak to one of our regular customers who get prostate massages and also one of our masseuses who specialise in it – this way you can get both sides of the story and it will help you to be more effective in your decision of whether you want to try prostate massage therapy or not.

Cici, professional prostate masseuse, Japanese – “Performing a prostate massage takes a lot of concentration and communication. Due to its intimate nature, and the fact that it is quite invasive, you need to always make sure your client feels comfortable throughout the whole session. I always begin the session by having an open discussion about prostate massage therapy, asking them questions regarding how they would like me to perform the massage to ensure that they always feel at ease. After all, any type of massage should be relaxing and most of all enjoyed. One of the main questions proposed to me by customers is how a prostate massage is performed, and this is often what they are most nervous about. You can massage the prostate gland in two different ways, externally and internally. To perform a prostate massage externally you use your knuckles to knead down gently but firmly on the perineum which can bring sexual relief for the client as well as making them highly aroused. Alternatively, you can massage the prostate gland internally by inserting your index finger, in a hook like a shape, inside the anus. Using the tip of your finger, press gently down on the prostate gland to provide pleasure for the client. While some men may like it gentle, others might enjoy a little more force. Of course, this differs from customer to customer, which is why you should always ask them how they like it. Although many men seek prostate massages for medical reasons, you should always leave that up to a medical professional. However, if you want one for sexual gratification, then we provide these services at many of our massage parlours across central London.”

Rodney, London – “I originally heard about prostate massage therapy when I went for a check-up at the doctor where she explained to me what prostate cancer is and how it is more prevalent in older men. Luckily, I got the all clear, but I was left feeling very intrigued about the idea of having a prostate massage which is why I decided to visit an Asian erotic massage parlour in London. The masseuse was very helpful in assisting me with any questions I had regarding this service which automatically made me feel very much at ease and not embarrassed about the situation. She ran me through the process and what it would feel like so I was more than eager to give it a try. When she brought me into the room I had an assisted soapy shower, as it is always better to be clean and relaxed before a prostate massage. She then lay me down on the bed and began to perform a full body to body massage on me while we were both naked. Using her hands, she combatted any muscle tension in areas such as my neck, back shoulders and thighs. This relief not only helped me to relax physically, but I also felt a sense of calmness mentally as well. The masseuse used special gels and oils to make the movement between both of us easier and this also made it feel a lot better when she inserted her finger inside my anus. I think the first time I had a prostate massage one of my main concerns where if it was going to be painful or not. However, the masseuse is professionally trained and knows exactly what to do to ensure that it a pleasant experience for her customer. Prostate massage london therapy surprisingly allows the male body to orgasm without the penis being touched. I have reached some of my most intense climaxes through prostate massages. Also, when the masseuse pleasures your penis afterwards, your penile orgasm feels a lot more intense and longer lasting than usual.”

So! there you have it, nothing to be scared or embarrassed about is there?

If you are interested, you know where to find us…

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