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Seven facts about Nuru massages

Nuru massage is often regarded as the sexiest massage in the world – but just how much do you know about the soothingly scrumptious Asian bodywork? Here we are with the seven facts you probably didn’t know about Nuru.


  1. Nuru massage originates in Japan

Compared to other sought erotic massage services, Nuru massage is a relatively modern concept and came into practice in the 1960s. A few years earlier, Japan’s red-light districts were thriving, so it came as a shock to the nation when sex work was made illegal in 1958. Worried the booming red light districts would turn into ghost towns, the Japanese had an idea – to mask sexual services with Nuru therapy in massage parlours. Since Nuru has flourished and is now used in many erotic salons across the globe.


  1. The masseuse uses her boobs and bum as massage tools

Nuru commences similar to other erotic massages, the therapist performs soothingly intimate strokes deriving from the Swedish style onto the client’s naked body. However, it’s what comes next which makes many regards the service the sexiest massage of them all. Once the body is sensationally turned on by the masseuse’s delicate dainty fingertips, she transitions into using her boobs and bum as massage tools. With a flawless body which is enough to make you feel weak at the knees, the therapists are never afraid to put their sliding and grinding techniques to the test. The intimate skin-to-skin contact makes the body insanely intense and enticing, stimulating a climax which can only be compared to euphoria.


  1. A special gel is used instead of massage oil

Feeling the warmth of an erotic masseuse gliding her sensational assets all over your naked body is enough to make your spine-tingle with excitement, but one thing is probably on your mind – friction. However, Nuru founder Hamida found the perfect formula for smoothing out the bodywork, Nori gel. The gel, which encompasses elements of Japanese seaweed, was primarily used to treat dry skin. However, the sexual healer found that the slippery and silky smooth texture created an intensified base for sensual glides when mixed with water. Hamida even stated ‘this gel is like sex. It feels like sex, smells like sex, it is nature’s sex gel’ oooh frisky!


  1. A shower can add to a nuru experience

Due to the slippery nature of Nori gel, things can get messy! However, most massage parlours have found the perfect solution. Once the receiver has achieved intense arousal and a happy ending, the masseuse invites them into the shower to carry on the steamy fun. Not only does this cleanse the body after getting down and dirty with the masseuse, but also provides one last chance for a tantalising rubdown with unwinding lotion. Lavender, jasmine and coconut scrubs are often used because of their relaxation properties, allowing the receiver to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when leaving the parlour.


  1. A special mattress is used

As mentioned earlier Nuru massage can be super slippery and as much as it might be tempting to have the massage on a bed, don’t. This only causes unnecessary wet spots which cause more of a flop than most Adam Sandler films. Due to this, a special air mattress is used for the client to absorb the real thrill of Nuru massage. The rubber texture supports balance and allows the masseuse to easily clean unwanted gel (and bodily fluids) from the mattress. Wet spots are a distant memory!


  1. It spices up your sex life

Whether you’re in a relationship or living the single life, Nuru is the perfect way of spicing up your sex life.  The insanely powerful strokes performed by a gorgeous oriental therapist allow you to experience new heights of intimacy and pleasure. It also indulges you into the wonders of the female body and explores new sensations of what feels immense. The whole session is sure to reach next level explosive gratification.


  1. It has copious health benefits

You might have the perception that Nuru is naughty, but there’s nothing bad about this massage as well as being soothing sexual, Nuru boasts copious health benefits. The unique Nori gel formula is rich in vitamins and nutrients which hydrate the skin. The glorious slide and grinds of the masseuse also release the body’s natural painkiller, endorphins. Endorphins mask the pain signals from entering the central nervous system and also eliminate the build-up of tension. This releases all of the receiver’s aches, pains and stresses.

So we’ve probably twisted your arm that you NEED a Nuru massage. Not only does it feed all of your sexual cravings it also is great for your body and mind too. Here at Hotel Massage, we offer for a Nuru as an incall and outcall service across London. So what are you waiting for? Dial, text or drop us an email to book yours today – 02039165799 –

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