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The Ultimate Guide to Nuru Massage

Our Ultimate Nuru Massage Guide / Explanation

There’s something so fascinating about nuru massages. So whether you’re a nervous newbie or a naughty nuru veteran, we’ve created a guide on all things nuru. Read on to find out what it is, how it’s performed and even a little on its ancient Japanese roots…

What is a nuru massage exactly?

The word ‘nuru’ means ‘slippery’ in Japanese. A nuru massage is one where the masseuse covers the client in a thick, slippery gel and slides her naked body over theirs. Yes, instead of using just her hands, she literally uses her body to massage you.

The history of nuru

It’s said necessity is the mother of invention, and nuru was invented when laws were put in place to restrict the work of adult workers. Because prostitution could no longer be openly flaunted, the industry developed an alternative – a sensual bathing and naked body-to-body massaging ritual to achieve orgasm and pleasure. The nuru massage treatment began to gain popularity, and it’s now one of the most expensive therapies in Japan’s red light district. Interestingly, many people have said that it’s even better than sex, because of its highly erotic and foreplay-like nature.

What is the nuru massage gel?

Nuru gel is the extremely slippery massage gel that’s totally odourless, tasteless and colourless. It has to have a highly silky consistency, because the masseuse is using her entire body to massage the client’s and that requires a greater level of slipperiness. It’s made from the Nori seaweed – the kind used to make seaweed – and because it’s absorbed numerous nutrients from the ocean, it’s also a fantastic skin moisturiser.

What happens in a nuru massage?

The masseuse will prepare the room for the massage by typically setting the room’s temperature to a comfortable, warm level, lighting a few candles and perhaps playing some mood music.

A nuru massage usually starts with a shower or bath with the masseuse, because the gel works best on wet skin, and it sets the sensual mood.

Once you’ve warmed up, the masseuse will take you to the massaging area and ask you to lie down. She’ll mix the nuru gel with warm water until it’s reached the desired consistency, before applying it to both of your bodies.

This is where it gets particularly steamy. The masseuse will climb on top of you and begin to slide along your naked body, making sure every inch of her slippery body touches all of yours. She’s not going to use her hands and feet – she’ll use her breasts, stomach, buttocks, legs and groin to massage, using a series of rhythmic movements. The nuru gel acts as a sort of lubricant, ensuring minimum friction and maximum sensation between your two bodies. A nuru massage is so sensual and erotic that it causes arousal and often, an intense climax.

7 Health benefits of nuru massage

Most people just think of nuru as a sleezy massage type but don’t realsie that as well as being a very ancient and respected artform in some areas of the world ir also happens to have a lot of health benefits, look at it this way if you think pole dancing classes are an acceptable way for women to keep fit then you cant really complain about nuru! so, as we where saying, health benefits….

Reduces stress and anxiety

It’s well-known that massage therapy provides a release of mental tension due to the relaxing sensation of muscles being unknotted and the association of problems being simultaneously melted away.

Relief from muscle aches

Massages work right down to the deep tissues and help to smooth out the knots formed from everyday life, such as sitting upright in an office chair, running around and lifting heavy objects all day.

Stimulates healing and recovery

Studies have shown that massages unknot strained muscles and help them get rid of the trapped waste and toxins that have been causing the aches. Smoothed out, supple muscles also mean better blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

Boosts immune system

Because massages help to improve blood circulation, nutrients are spread more efficiently and toxins are removed more quickly from the body. As a result, the immune system will be boosted.

Improves flexibility

Because massages help to smooth out muscles, they will become more supple, flexible and able to stretch in ways they couldn’t before.

Revitalises skin

The seaweed-based nuru gel holds fantastic benefits for the skin as it contains vital nutrients from the ocean. This gel is applied all over the body, moisturising and nourishing your skin.

Improves sex drive

The erotic and sensual nature of a nuru massage will help you learn to control and prolong arousal as well as giving you some views that are amazing. This results in a better sex drive and some seriouly naughty memories!

So there you have it folks our ultimate guide to nuru massage, we hope you enjoyed it. If you ever fancy trying this truly memorable form of erotic massage with a trained asian masseuse then head on over to our main page to see why we are considered the best nuru massage service in London.

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