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5 Ways to Find a Genuine Tantric Massage

Genuine Tantric Massage Can Be Hard To Find

]There is often a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to ‘tantric massage’. Many people associate this to massages with ‘happy endings’, because there are a lot of places out there that pass off such massages as tantric massages, so it’s not surprising erotic massages hold a somewhat dodgy stigma.  In reality, genuine tantric massages hold a deeper meaning than just arousing the client. Standard massages – like those you’d get in the spa – focus on the yin energy of relaxation. Tantric uses both the relaxing yin and the stimulating yang, and weaves between the two to produce a sense of fulfilment.

Google ‘tantric massage parlour’ and you’ll be greeted with pages and pages of suggestions. But if you’ve never had such a massage before, you won’t know who to choose and where to go for a real tantric massage. Plus, it often comes to twice the price of a regular Swedish massage, so you have to make a well-informed decision. Here are some tips that’ll help you pick a genuine parlour.

1. Real tantric massage therapists can create states of relaxation and satisfaction without touching the sexual organs.

Because tantric massages work with yin and yang energies, there’s no need to touch the erogenous areas, despite the negative stigma about such massages. The massage is very light and sensual, and people have been known to reach full body orgasms with their clothes still on. Although, orgasms aren’t an essential component in tantric massages, but if the conditions are suitable, the genitals often play a role. However, real tantric massages are more than just physical experiences – they should touch your spiritual self.

2. Find out what training the masseuse has.

You’ll sometimes come across people who offer tantric massages based on their belief that they are great lovers. But being a lover and being a practitioner are two completely separate areas. Real tantric therapists have taken proper training – some have done weekend courses while some may have studied for years – so make sure you ask if they have been trained and if so, where and for how long.

3. Ask about the energy of the massage.

Ask the therapist what their aim is with the sexual energy in the massage. If their response is related to orgasms, then it’s an erotic massage. If it’s related to sexual energy flowing through the body and relaxation, this is more likely to be a tantric massage.

4. Check the therapist’s boundaries.

Find a therapist with clear and professional boundaries. ‘Surrender’ is an essential stage of tantric massage, and involves losing yourself to your senses and the pleasure. But, in order for that to happen, there has to be some level of trust, so make sure specific boundaries are set.

5. Do it yourself.

If you want a tantric massage but for some reason, can’t go to a practitioner – whether it be because you can’t afford it or you can’t find a genuine place – ask a close friend or lover to share the experience with. There are workshops that are designed to teach people the basics of tantric massage. You can still achieve similar levels of satisfaction and healing.

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