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How can prostate massage boost your sex life

How can a prostate massage therapy boost and enhance your sex life?

There are plenty of sex tips out there that speak of spicing up one’s sex life. This can range from role play situations to wearing the most intimate form of lacy lingerie after a romantic candle-lit dinner. The goal in all of this is to satisfy the woman and make her reach an incredibly satisfying climax that leaves you both covered in sweat and panting for breath. But there is an alternative way of adding another dimension to sexual intimacy. The hint lies in this mysterious term, G-Spot. More often than not, this term is associated with the female genitalia and it is so mysterious, there are still wide debates as to its location and method of arousal.

But what about the male G-Spot?

Most people are surprised to hear about this ‘spot’ in relation to the man but it is true, the man does have a G-Spot and it is the prostate gland. The walnut–sized gland is intrinsic to the whole aspect of sex, it is the emotional and arousal centre and its stimulus can be incredibly arousing, to say the least. Most men are not in touch with this side of their sexual inquisitiveness. That is because, for most men, all of their energy is utilised to understand how to please a woman. Unfortunately, very few guides are out there that go through the method to spice up the male libido.

So, let’s begin this journey of exploring male sexuality and shed some light on this G-Spot that leaves so many of us puzzled.

To put it simply, the prostate gland is instrumental in sexual excitement, emotion and sperm production. This is the reason why traditionally, men from the Far East would engage in the prostate massage as a form of therapy that would help in relieving stress and enhance sexual appreciation. It is known that thousands of years ago, the most notable tantric practitioner’s in India would teach this massage as it was considered integral in creating balanced approach to sexual practice.

Why is this prostate massage so pleasurable?

A whole host of intimate and deeply erotic sensations can be felt as a result of caressing, touching and applying light pressure upon the rectal wall which, if touched correctly, stimulates the prostate, resulting in pleasure that is on par with a strong orgasm! If done correctly, the man begins to breathe with greater intensity because of the build up of sexual pleasure. Bear in mind that the prostate is highly sensitive to pressure and only an experienced practitioner should advise on the best methods to apply.

For the best results, a gentle hand is required coupled with a basic understanding of male anatomy. So, let us go through some basic techniques that can trigger that heavenly feeling as the tantalizing force waves across the entire body. This is the orgasm!

The best techniques

If you’re a beginner and starting off, you want to embark on the face-face position. This is the most intimate and intense experience. The one on the receiving end should ideally lie at a 45 degree angle against firm cushions. The one who is giving this massage should be exceptionally tender and loving towards the receiver. Gentle circular movements should be applied beginning with the abdomen area.

With patience and love, the motions should descend to the genitals and scrotum with a liberal application of lubricant to avoid harsh rubs! Maintaining affectionate eye contact, the finger should move to the perineum applying gentle, soothing pressure. For the most satisfying technique, the massage should cover the perineal region and the opening to the anus. Within time, this sensual ceremonial exercise will result in a climax that is just unforgettable! To make the exercise the most intense, one hand should please the scrotum walls and surrounding area whilst the other gently rubs the main body of the penis.

The whole idea of pressure and timing is crucial. To be at one’s best in giving this massage, a little intuition is required. Too much pressure can bring the session to a premature end or too little brings limited benefit and all parties soon lose interest. The need for the delicate balance ensures that a variety of sensations are felt, giving an enjoyment in which the feeling of an impending ejaculation is always present. By applying the right amount of pressure to the gland, the receiver is always on the brink – this is the closest to multiple orgasms!

As would be made clear by now, this massage is focused on the man. The woman takes charge and strives to bring fulfilment to her spouse but patience and perseverance is required because it is not an easy technique to apply but it is worth the investment if you want a truly satisfying sex life!

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