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Prostate massage for premature ejaculation

Discover why you need prostate massage for premature ejaculation

Prostate massage; the topic that men feel very uncomfortable talking about, it is the ‘problem’ that dents masculinity, that cuts into the bravado of what it means to be a man. However, what most men often fail to acknowledge is that it is more common than most of us think. According to a whole host of research, there are two sexual problems that a lot of men suffer from:-

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Premature ejaculation (PE)

As for the first category, the results suggest that it is predominantly age related.

A ground breaking study by the University of Chicago, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, surveyed an excess of 2000 American men, with an age range between 18-85 for ED. The results noted below show a correlation between age and erectile problems.

Erection problems
(% reporting any such problems during the previous year)

18-29:   7%
30-39:  9%
40-49:  11%
50-59:  18%
57-64:  31%
65-74:  45%
75-85:  43%

However, when it comes to PE, the results do not show such a trend. In fact, it seems to be a problem across the age spectrum.

Premature Ejaculation
(same criterion)

18-29:  30%
30-39:  32%
40-49:  28%
50-59:  31%
57-64:  30%
65-74:  28%
75-85:  22%

It is the case therefore, that PE is the more prevalent concern among men and even a cursory view of the research carried out suggests that the problem can affect a good 30% of males, possibly even more. Without doubt, this affects relationships, intimacy and marriages so having a regular treatment plan should be an important priority.

How the prostate massage can help

Most men feel very awkward speaking about the prostate massage because it is not taught in any academic setting nor in a sexual health context. Unfortunately, it only becomes a topic of discussion when it relates to cancer or enlargement (therefore affecting the passing of urine). Aside from that, there is large scale ignorance about its importance in great health and sexual health in particular and only a relative few have learned about ways to massage the prostate for health and stimulation, dealing with sexual longevity and premature ejaculation.

In terms of the basic idea of how a prostate massage works, it is all to do with stimulating the prostate gland in order to excite arousal but, for this to be an effective treatment, the one being massaged needs to focus and concentrate on his breathing. It takes time and patience but through mindfulness and visualisation, one can achieve far better control over the ejaculatory process.

What exactly is this gland?

It is a walnut –sized sex centre, to put it bluntly. It can also be referred to as the male G-spot that houses the emotional and sexual control centre. Most men are not in touch with this side of their sexual inquisitiveness. That is because, for most men, all of their energy is utilised to understand how to please a woman – think about the number of articles there are about ‘reaching’ the female G-spot but very few concerning the men.

This is the reason why there is such an uncomfortable taboo associated with the massaging of the prostate but a little study into history tells us that men from the Far East would engage in the prostate massage as a form of therapy. This would help in relieving stress and enhance sexual appreciation. It is known that thousands of years ago, the most notable tantric practitioner’s in India would teach this massage as it was considered integral in creating balanced approach to sexual practice

Best techniques that can be used

As a beginner and one with little experience in this type of experience, start off with the face-face position. This is the most intimate and intense experience. The one on the receiving end should ideally lie at a 45 degree angle against firm cushions. The one who is giving this massage should be exceptionally tender and loving towards the receiver. Beginning with the abdomen area, gentle circular motions should be applied using a nice, scented oil.

With patience and love, the motions should descend to the genitals and scrotum with a liberal application of lubricant to avoid harsh rubs! Maintaining affectionate eye contact, the finger should move to the perineum applying gentle, soothing pressure. For the most satisfying technique, the massage should cover the perineal region and the opening to the anus. Within time, this sensual ceremonial exercise will result in a climax that is just unforgettable! To make the exercise the most intense, one hand should please the scrotum walls and surrounding area whilst the other gently rubs the main body of the penis.

The whole idea of pressure and timing is crucial. To be at one’s best in giving this massage, a little intuition is required. Too much pressure can bring the session to a premature end or too little brings limited benefit and all parties soon lose interest. The need for the delicate balance ensures that a variety of sensations are felt, giving an enjoyment in which the feeling of an impending ejaculation is always present. By applying the right amount of pressure to the gland, the receiver is always on the brink – this is the closest to multiple orgasms!

It needs to be stressed that there should be regular communication between the two parties. The receiver should state clearly when he feels he is close to ejaculation and the giver should, in turn, change the speed and pressure.

Over time and by applying prostate massage techniques, better control will result. It will take time but surely that is worth it if you want to be incredible in bed! You can try this service for your self by visiting our prostate massage london page here

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