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Our Essential Massage Oils Can Help You Relieve Stress

Ways essential massage oils can help you in relieving stress

The human body’s capacity to respond to what life throws at it is really quite incredible, it is especially fascinating to explore how our bodies have been programmed to deal with stress because under such situations, the brain sends a message to our adrenal glands to produce more cortisol which boosts our energy reserves so that we may keep active.

Although this capacity is quite natural, in our current times much of life is stressful and we are often not equipped with the right attitudes required to effectively handle stress, resulting in an over stimulation of the adrenal system. Let us have a look at the physical characteristics of stress by imagining ourselves in a difficult situation, what do you notice? Shallowness and shortness of breath? Nervous repetitive actions? A sick feeling in the stomach? Digestive issues? A sense of fatigue? Irritability? Muscle tension? The list goes on and on.

Have a good frame of mind

In order to deal with stress one must develop positive attitudes towards difficult situations by not seeing them as impossible to overcome or simply as a punishment but as another challenge that you will overcome by which you will become a stronger and better person

Along with adjusting our attitude to stress, Essential oils have been found to be indispensable by many when learning how to reduce and deal with troubling times. Their highly volatile nature means that they are easily absorbed and distributed throughout the body, which can really influence how the body responds.

Oils and their uses

An oil such as Frankincense may help deepen and expand the breath which helps a greater volume of oxygen to get to the brain. It also works wonders in stabilizing a healthy blood pressure, giving one a greater capacity for physical activity.

Then there is Lavender oil and like the colour, calms the mind which helps to maintain a positive attitude – an indispensable tool to get you through a rough patch. Even using a few drops of the oil in a bath helps to relieve achy muscles so perfect for physical tension.

Many find the simple act of inhaling an essential oil to really reduces the impact of stress upon the bodies. Imagine a very stressful situation such as a meeting with the boss you hate, or a public speaking event, or even the dreaded mother-in-law, you take out a bottle of essential oil such as Ylang Ylang, Chamomile or even Rose and take a long deep breath and feel instantly relaxed and as a result much more able to respond in a positive situation to such events.

A good smell triggers good memories

The link between the sense of smell, memory and emotions is another reason why Essential oils are so effective in dealing with stress. An oil may remind you of a happy time such as the Lavender bush in your grandmother’s garden which can instantly relax you or more simply you found an oil very effective during a stressful time which created a link between that scent and relaxation.

The ways in which one may use oils in daily life to deal with stress are numerous but the most practical and easiest of ways is to incorporate into busy modern life.

Be equipped to deal with stress!

Keep a bottle of your favourite oil in your handbag or in a jacket pocket, add nice smelling mixes or individual oils to your daily moisturizer, add oils to a spray bottle filled with spring water and spray around your office, living room, bedroom or wherever you need to create a stress free zone,

Hot baths are also very effective not only because they relax muscles and open up the pores hence absorption of oils but are super calming and encourage you to take time out of your schedule to relax and destress. After all the more relaxed you are the more positive you are, which makes you better equipped to deal with all the turbulence and difficulties life can throw at us!

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