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Nuru Massage in London is on The Rise

Getting The Best Nuru Massage in London

Nuru Massage in London is really starting to become very popular in recent years especially around London, Heathrow and Gatwick airport. This type of sensual massage uses a very slippery gel called Nuru gel which is applied all over the body of the masseuse’s body, this enables the masseuse to be able to slide all along the receiver’s body giving them one heck of a wet, slippery and extremely sensual massage experience.

So What is a Nuru Massage?

The origins of the Nuru massage were developed in japan, where it is widely known and has been a well-used massage in households for many centuries. The type of gel used called “Nuru Gel” is a very slippery gel like substance with a slight aroma and scent to it. The gel itself is completely organic being made from organic seaweed of the highest purity and quality and helps to cools the body and enhance the feel of the Nuru Massage. It is applied to the masseuse’s body so that are then able to slip and slide over the recipient’s body much easier. The main goal of this type of massage is to relax the person and then stimulate them sexually and erotically.

This type of massage is designed for the whole body and special attention is to the person’s erogenous zones, and the recipient is naked for this type of erotic massage. The masseuse is often dressed seductively or even naked during the whole massage to increase sensuality and heighten the pleasure.

A Nuru Massage in London like no Other!

Erotic massages have become very popular all over the world as of late and are becoming a hot choice for many, with London also seeing a steady rise in demand. There are many massage parlours offering a Nuru Massage in London where the body to body massage is steadily on the increase. When you go to receive your Nuru massage in London your masseuse will usually strip naked while removing your clothes. You will then be made to lie down and your masseuse will playfully apply the Nuru gel all over your body whilst also apply some to hers. She will then begin to give you the most incredible and exhilarating body to body massage, just imagine as she slips and slides her soft skin, thighs, legs and breasts erotically all over your body. She will sensually caress your whole body using hers, a real massage like no other.

Erotic and Sensual Fun


There are numerous places today that offer b2b sensual and erotic massage experiences. But it’s most certainly the Nuru massage in London that people are really talking about and more to the point asking for! It starts with a whole host of slippery, erotic and sensual fun. A Nuru massage does have a happy ending and it is certainly very soothing and relaxing which has contributed to its rise in demand. Our Masseuse are exotic and luscious beautiful Asian women who are well versed in the fine art of body to body and erotic asian nuru massage in London.

It takes many years to perfect the intricate art of intimate and erotic massage therapy, it’s for this reason why often the end result is that of sheer joy and ecstasy. The major contributing factor here is that the masseuse is so personally invested in providing the massage simply adds to whole experience. She will rub her body over yours playfully and gently, caressing your skin with hers making this a very relaxing and enjoyably fun massage. Many people today are wanting to experience a massage experience that completely takes away all their stress and not simply just from their mind but their body as well. A Nuru massage in London is a proven winner when it comes to doing this and some.

How Much Should a Nuru Massage Cost?

Although many people know what a nuru massage experience is they do not know the average costs or what would be considered a cheap nuru massage deal. Nuru is definitely a massage service that you want to pay decent money for, as with most things in life you “get what you pay for” and this epic experience is no exception. The price can fluctuate quite a bit depending on where in the country you are and there are a few other things to consider as Nuru can be performed by more than one masseuse at the same time but as a general rule of Thumb around the £140 – £160 mark is considered the industry standard (double this if you want the 2 girl experience).

You will find that in many areas of London the price can change a lot however, for example a nuru massage in Kensington could cost £160 while another in Tower Hamlets could set you back £210. Take our advice and have a look around to find the best price but avoid anyone offering this for under £100 as it’s not going to be performed by a traditionally trained nuru therapist and is more than likely going to be very rushed. I would also take a look around the web for nuru massage reviews in London to make sure you are using a decent provider who offers a top quality service.

If you want to know more about our nuru massage service and our costs that take a look at our dedicated page and see why we are considered one of the best nuru massage London providers

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