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Beginners thoughts to an erotic massage

Are you a beginner to erotic massage?

An erotic massage can change your life and elevate the way you manage your stress and worries. Many people do not consider one when they are being buried down with the troubles everyday life throws at us even though they can be highly beneficial for your mind, body and soul. And there is nothing quite like your first erotic massage!

I met with three different men from different walks of life in London to talk with them about how erotic massage changed their lives for the better. They were all new to them and were quite sceptical but in the end, the soft and sensual hands of the masseuse changed their minds. And opened them up to a world they didn’t know was possible.

Roy, 21 – I have always been a party boy and that was only heightened when I moved to London for university a few years back. I was always on the go, always the first one to suggest a night out and always the one with a pint in their hand. My life was a constant party and before I knew it, a night sitting in and not drinking became almost unbearable. I began heading to the pub by myself, spending the whole night drinking, resulting in me being too hungover to go to class. I put on a lot of weight, my skin became red and itchy and I got a huge wake-up call when I failed a year at university it was becoming a slippery slope. I knew I had to find a way to relax and occupy myself instead of going out every night and I found erotic massage”

They are very similar to traditional massages in the sense that they soothe and relax you, helping you to be at one with yourself and forget your inhibitions for a while. However, they also give you that sexual gratification that you need and you can feel how good it is for both your body and mind. It helped me to learn to not depend on alcohol and just focus on my body and how it works. After a few sessions, I really felt like the old me, I looked better and became more focused. Luckily I was able to salvage my university degree and came out with a 2:1. Erotic massage definitely changed my life for the better and it helps that the masseuses are super beautiful too.

Thomas, 28 – When I was eighteen I joined the Arm Forces, like my dad and his dad before. I trained hard for it and when I was 22 I was sent out to Afghanistan to work my first tour of duty. I was nervous but ready to put all my blood, sweat and tears to use and fight for a good cause. Unfortunately shortly after I arrived I had to get my legs amputated due to an explosion injury that I occurred I was sent home to the U.K and I felt like my life was falling apart. My fiancé left me and I had to move in with my mum and she has to quit her job to become my carer. I felt totally helpless and like a child again, not the man I once was.

A romantic life was out of the question and I was so embarrassed about my body so the thought of being intimate with another scared me. However, some of my old army friends told me that they had recently been visiting a massage parlour in central London were they received tantric massages. I had heard of tantric massages before but was unsure as to how they could help me. However, I soon understood when I plucked up the courage to go get one. The masseuse was kind and friendly and passed no judgment on my disability. She helped me feel sexy and confident again. I was finally able to accept my body for what it was and realise that it does not define me. The Asian masseuse sued her soft hands to soothe my whole body before using hand relief to help me reach climax, it was incredible. After a few tantric massages, I felt confident enough to get back out into the dating world and have now met an amazing partner who accepts me just like the masseuse did.

Roy, 65 – I met my wife lovely wife Ethel back in the summer of 1969 when I was only sixteen. I was a farm boy working on her dad’s farm and from the moment I laid my eyes on her I thought she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. She has the most enchanting green eyes with little specks of yellow dotted around her iris and a bunch of curly mad hair that fell delicately on her face. I had a very happy life with my darling Ethel, a lot of travelling and 4 caring children. She showered me with happiness and love; she made my heart and world spin around, my Ethel. Sadly, early in 2017, my dearest wife lost her battle with breast cancer. Suddenly my world stopped spinning, my heart too.

A year later, and I still felt very alone. My good friend Fred was there to support me as his wife had suddenly walked out on him one day and he understood my feeling of loneliness. He told me of how he had visited a massage parlour in London that really helped him to forget about his troubles and worries and made him feel a whole lot better. I was quite hesitant to try it at the beginning as I didn’t want to forget Ethel and I don’t think it could ever numb the pain. However, I did try it and it did fill an empty void that I had been feeling. It was relaxing, gentle and relieving and made me feel wanted. The masseuse was caring and asked me how I liked things, making the session very unique and individual to suit my needs and desires.

I am happy that I took Fred’s advice on board. Although nobody will ever replace my wife, it is nice to feel cared about by somebody on such an intimate level. I think tantric massage definitely brings a light of positivity to my life when it was nothing but darkness before.

Clearly, from the stories of these three lovely gentlemen, tantric massages can have a huge impact on your life. They are a remarkable way to pick you up and give you that love and intimacy that all human beings need. They are soothing, relaxing and help you remember what is important in life.

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